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Recorded in November 2019 on a ride into the Victorian highlands with a half dozen mates. I've uploaded The Granya Gap & Dead Horse Gap to Tom Groggin.
Granya Gap is a gem. It doesn't take long but you generally get it to yourself as it is not on the beaten track. I rode past it dozens of times before someone told me about it.
Dead Horse Gap can be quite busy, and it was on this ride. It is now posted at 60 kph & the cops like to set up on it frequently, so we don't use it much anymore. Always best to do it in the opposite direction to what we did this time, as the boys in blue approach from that way & the Khancoban locals will spot them and pass on the info if you ask. But honestly, it's so easy to break the speed limit by 60 or more just accelerating out of a corner that it's hardly worth the stress these days.

The camera is mounted on my helmet, and I tend to move my head around a bit when there's stuff nearby that might kill me, so that's a bit annoying for a viewer.
I'll be mounting it on the bike in future, which means no commentary. That might not be a bad thing.

PM me if you would like the private Youtube links.
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