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anyone help with a mapping issue, I have a 2003 Tree with a Sport can on and a 6034 map which I believe is the correct map for bike & can? the bike runs like a bag of crap below 4000rpm it very rarely ticks over and most of the time it back fires and stops..
any idea's

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rough running

Have you hosed the bike down or riden in the rain lately? Water can make the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) fail; sounds like that's what it could be (without seeing or hearing it). Is it puffing out black smoke, if so, it will foul the sparkplugs soon and never start again until the plugs are changed.

When the TPS fails, at small throttle openings, the computer is thinking the throttle is open and pumps in more fuel resulting in fouled plugs.

Can't think of what else it could be, maybe the TPS, or closed throttle position, needs to be reset with the Axone equipment?

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Re: rough running

The bike has not been washed for months, can the TPS be checked or adjusted using Tuneboy? and yes it does blow out black smoke when you rev it from tick over that's when it does tick over!

If I re-load the 6034 map will this not fix the problem?

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Re: rough running

Rusty, you can check the TPS by measuring the resistance between each pin pair. Use a multimeter. Pin 1 is Sky Blue, pin 2 is Blue / Yellow, pin 3 is Black / Violet.

You will need a bent Phillips Head screwdriver to remove it, because it's a tight squeeze.

With the TPS disconnected, mine (a good one) measured :-
Throttle closed:-
1-2 reads 5.21k
2-3 reads 1.36k
1-3 reads 4.59k

With Throttle fully open:-
1-2 reads 1.86k
2-3 reads 4.70k
1-3 reads 4.59k

If get within 10% of these values, you should be right. If you're wildly off, you should probably replace it.

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Re: rough running

Funney enough mine had the 6033 map. I fitted a arrow race can and it still ran fine but I was told a 6034 map suited it better and gave some better BHP. After having it installed the bike didnt tickover quite so well and would sometimes stall but the power seemed a slight bit stronger. I think mine had something to do with the throttle bodies/stepper. I dunno what else but gettin one of them 'gameboy' gadgets to check all the position/settings probably wouldnt hurt


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should always reset the throttle setting after downloading a new map.

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Rough running

OK so after days I've got the TPS off, small hands needed!
I've taken the readings

1-2 4.44
2-3 1.143 ?
1-3 3.76
this was done with the TPS off the bike in the closed position

1-2 .870 ?
2-3 4.62
1-3 3.75

So does this tell me the TPS is broken?
Engenia's reading are way off mine have I done it right?

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Re: Rough running

from my calculations, your TPS looks like it is working. It's different to mine, but it does seem to work.

On paper, applying 12V across pins 1&3, results in :-
Mine_ [email protected] = 1V
Yours [email protected] = 0.7V
Mine_ [email protected] = 9.7V
Yours [email protected] = 12V

Yours is certainly not stuck in the open position, when closed. (But when fitted, it may never close completely due to mechanical constraints)

Yours does have a wider range than mine, and I'm not sure if the ECU can handle that. The ECU MAY be thinking that the throttle is open more than it really is - it would run RICHER than it should.

There is 1 other thing you could look at. The resistance between pins 2&3 should vary smoothly from 1.143 to 4.62, as you rotate the TPS from closed to fully open. It shouldn't jump. If it jumps, it is most definitely crook.

My bet is that your's is crook, because the range is too wide.

Keep us posted. We're learning heaps.
(If you change it, and it fixes the problem, would you mind sending the TPS to me? I'd like to find out how it failed.)

By the way, were you aware that the TPS is a BMW part?

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If anyone can give me some details re BMW sourced TPS (ie part no. etc) I may be able to get some more technical data for all of us. No promises but will do my best.

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ok guys here it is, TPS off a 2005 Tre which has a standard 6033 map this bike runs fine by the way. Fitted this TPS to my bike, using Tuneboy set the throttle to the closed position and started bike. Still the same as before? kicks out black smoke and does not tick over..............
Starting to piss me off now any ideas anyone?

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Could be fault with stepper, if you have tuneboy i think you can do a test of stepper. it opens and shuts the low speed air if it is faulty it would run rich at low revs. I dont have a tuneboy yet just been reading up.
if you do the test it says listen for it operating, but if you removed top of airbox you may be able to see the white plunger go in and out.
note i am not an expert !
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