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German tuning

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on the benelli germany site there's a add for engine tuning. another 15 hp apparently
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Can you post up the link so I can have a look,


here's a email reply i got

"the work is porting, combustion chamber work, camshaft timing.
no new parts !!!!!complete 2000 �0‰9�6¥5�0…1
new mapping 385 �0‰9�6¥5�0…1
sr-racing exhaust 960 �0‰9�6¥5�0…1
the problem is to bring the engine to us.
Or you have a good mechanic.
You send us the head pistons cylinders computer.
Bye Jens Hofmann

Dynotec GmbH - Alzeyer Str.33-37 - D-67592 Fl�0‡1�0…9rsheim-Dalsheim
Tel: 06243-5882, Fax: 06243-7029 , [email protected]
VAT RegNo. DE 149 963 414
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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