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Right here goes:
Brought 1130 tnt 6 years ago and got her on the road last Sept.
Bike came with a new z25 kit but was told they hadn't used it as the one fitted looked of the later style (I agreed)
Sold the kit to recoup some cash for other bits needed as clocks didn't work etc etc
Any how I still had the hot start issue but it spins over well from cold so ordered a modded z25 from Maniac motors 馃憤 Fitted now over Christmas break and no change Bugger!
Now could the problem be the z60 gear from the starter motor? and if so has anyone had the same problem.
Before anyone says it's a genuine new Honda part Yuasa battery and cables sorted. How can a bike go through its 17500 mile life and not get sorted by previous owners?
100 Mike tank range accepted and love the bike.

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I had a starting problem with my 1130 TNT Titanium when I bought it. It was reluctant to turn over at times and made a terrible noise from the engine when I tried. Turned out to be the sprag clutch. The new upgraded part was fitted and it made a tremendous difference and completely resolved the starting issue. The original part had a gear ratio of 19/58. The upgraded part has been changed to a 17/60 ratio which improves starting and turn-over no end.
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There was an instance of an 1130 in Oz that had to have a special Z25 procured from the factory to fix it's hot start problem. A simple upgrade didn't fix it.
This was reported on the forum IIRC. If memory serves, the owner was a South Aussie.
If the sprag clutch and starter gear set have been confirmed as good, this might be worth a look.

One other thing.
The 1130 will draw well over 200 Amps when hot, and a deal under that when cold. An SSB LH14-BS Lithium battery can provide 530 CCA, and a shit load more at 20C. It won't take kindly to the constant drain of an alarm though, as I found out on an alarmed RS recently, but it will last twice as long as a lead-acid. Mine is now 7 years old, and still absolutely fine.
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