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Just to give you guys 1st refusal - but I have a pair of green fairing lowers for sale.

I was going to put them on ebay - but thought I would give you guys 1st refusal.

1 has a couple of bits of paint flaked off (not too bad though) - the other is immaculate except a one inch hair that got lacquered in !!!!!!! (around mid panel and I figure you would only notice this when waxing / cleaning the bike)

Orignally these were bought off Borat when I was going to convert my nelli to green & silver - but have struggled to locate a green tank at a realistic rate so have decided to keep her black and silver :p

If anyone is interested -drop me a PM with your email and I will ping you some piccies of the panels (If I hear nothing by Sunday I will probably list them on ebay)
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