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If you should have bought that tornado or your TnT?

I have but im sure now i made the right choice

I had tosh's Tornado all week and im having trouble typing this as me wrists hurt so much:rolling:

Some might say as its a sports bike and the TnT is upright but i only got rid of my gixxer in April so hopefully I aint gone soft yet:D

But the tornado has some redeeming facts, its bloody fast and sounds fast especially over 80, The fairing works supremely just wish i had some more cover on the Tnt at times. 70 on the Tornado felt like 40

The tornado brakes will stop on a sixpence, stoppies must be order of the day for those guys

The clipons are far to low and too near the fairing to the point where It was real hard to turn into the petrol station that my m8 thought I had changed my mind. Makes me wonder if thats what happened to Al, he ran out of lock on that tight bend

But the oddest thing happened on it when taking right hand corners. Right hand corners are my least favourite so to speak but going down the bendy A7 I was actually hanging off that side. Now will Tosh let me take it to Knockhill which has all right hand corners

I would still have one as a second bike though:ele:
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