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Can anyone tell me what has happened to my front end?

My bike has been sat for about three weeks as I haven't had the time to get out on it until this evening, went to get it out of the garage and noticed a small puddle of fluid underneath the left hand front fork. On closer inspection the base of the fork had fluid on it, it wasn't bad, but I have sprung a small leak anyway!

Any ideas what it could be?

Has a seal gone?

Is it covered under warranty (the bike has not been abused through wheelies etc)

Is my Front Paddock stand causing this?

Any ideas please!


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Probably one of the front fork seals went bust. I doubt it will be replaced under warranty as this could come from for instance while riding the bike getting a small stone against it, or by some minor damage to the coating of the inner fork leg. But dont worry, its not very hard to fix, about half an hour of work. Just dont ride it like this, the oil will be dangerous on your wheel and brakes, and will @#%$ up your brake pads.
If you wanna save yourself some money and have a front paddock stand which does not go under the fork legs, but in between them under the upper fairing, unmount the leaking fork leg yourself and take it to your dealer, the mounting and unmounting is what is costing the most time/money.

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Panic Over - possibly!

Thanks for the reply irfuel. Unfortunately I had actually gone out and rode for about 100kms last night prior to posting up, so your concerns about safety, although gratefully received, were a little late!

Anyway, I went to look at the bike again today with a friend, and there is no longer a puddle under the forks, but what we did find was excess grease up the hole on the underside of the fork from when the wheel spindle was inserted into the forks. We cleaned it all up and there is no more 'oil' coming out. We have put it down to the grease melting in the heat in our garages over here in Germany, so I will give it a week and see if there is any re-occurrence. The trip out to the Nurburgring on Sunday will sort out if there is a problem or not!

Thanks anyway!

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