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As some of you may know, I have been working on a solution to the Tornado's (and Aprilia's) reseting clocks. The third incarnation is currently running on the bench. It provides a temporary Backup Supply, when the battery voltage dips during starting. If successful, it will be housed in a small sealed box, which can sit just in front of the dash.

(A picture & overview can be found HERE)

Ideally, the loom will be unplugged from the dash, and connected to the Backup Supply, which then connects to the dash. In order to do this, I need a source of the 20 pin plugs and sockets.

The alternative is to cut three wires in the loom, and insert the Backup Supply using alternative connectors. I'm happy to do this to mine, and anyone else's (Taksil?), but it is not the sort of thing a novice should be doing.

Facomsa supply the dash to Benelli, for the Tornado. I have been trying to contact Mavi Soriano, or Lluis Rodríguez, at Facomsa, near Barcelona, in order to source the 20 pin connectors, but, for some reason, they are not responding to my emails or phone calls.

If anybody can help, by meeting them in person, I'm sure that the response would be better. I would do it myself, but can't justify the trip half way round the world.

Facomsa are at:-
Pol. Ind. El Plà - C/ Segría, 2
(Ctra. Sabadell-Granollers, Km.15)
08185 Llicà de Vall (Barcelona)

(near the Catalunya Circuit)

You can find a Map Here.

Facomsa Contact Details

Any help would be appreciated.

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thanks for the effort

I am sure i speak for all tre owners when i say thank you. I will call KJM here in england and see if i can find out thru them. I tried the links you had but couldnt get anywhere from them.

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Re: thanks for the effort

I'll second that - thank you! I'll gladly pay whatever you want to charge for this fix!
US Tre #11

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Fixing the Resetting Clocks

John, I stuffed up the first link, and confused the last. Try them again.

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Re: Fixing the Resetting Clocks

Wow! Thanks Engenia! Now if I could only get an iPod hookup for it :D

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Re: Fixing the Resetting Clocks

Sorry mate. I'll never compromise the note of a Tre with that of an iPod.
(I could add a speedo corrector though)

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Re: any luck - Tre Dash UPS

Unfortunately, all has gone quiet. It appears that we have no-one on the forum that lives near Spain, or in the same time zone and speaks Spanish.

I'll try calling Spain myself again tonight, but I don't expect much joy. They just don't understand my Aussie accented English.

I fear that we'll be reduced to hacking into the loom. How does everyone feel about cutting 3 wires and adding some inline connectors?

The connector would be Farnell part number 384-9788 and it's mate.

Who wants one of these when I'm ready to release it?

(12 hours later)
I must eat humble pie. Just got off the phone to Lluís Rodreguez at Facomsa. He was very helpful and remembered my request, but it seems his hands a tied. Each of my emails have been forwarded to Benelli, who must give approval to pass on the connectors to me. Benelli have been too busy to get back to me.

The connectors appear to be unique to Benelli, hence the difficulty to procure them.

I'm about to send Facomsa another request - this time through Lluís. Here's hoping.
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