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I have a 2003 Benelli Tornado TRE LE.....I got it brand new and am just now getting it all set up to ride. The horn does not work, and has not worked since I got the bike last year (its been in my small collection)....everything else works fine.

I have taken the handlebar switchgear apart and it seems OK...the wires to the horn are also connected (visual inspection ) and all fuses are OK too...

So...any ideas why the horn dont blow when I push the button???....

I guess the next step is to start taking the fairing off to access the horn and do a closer inspection of all the bits....

any replys are welcomed...



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Neither did mine after long stay. It is however no big deal. Spray it with a contact spray, help yourself with a screwdriver to adjust level and smack that damn thing a few times on it's head and you'll see it works just fine.
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