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Hi I'm busy reading everything on this excellent, if underused board that will help me decide on whether the TNT is the one for me. (I'm a poet:lol )
I've noticed many references to the bikes not starting when hot and the battery not being 'up to the job'.

I'm no mechanic let that be made clear but I spent best part of three years on an Aprilia Futura and one of that bike's biggest problems was poor wiring and charging.
Aprilia were next to useless so the forum collective came up with a solution that sorted the problem for those who were experiencing it.
Below is a link to the futura forum and a thread that addressed the problem. If I've got the wrong end of the stick about all this then I'm sorry for wasting your time:eek:
But the two issues sound very similar. And it might be a solution to the tnt's issue.
After all both bikes are italian.:b

Here's the link;

Paste into your browser and if this helps then mine is a virtual boddingtons.:rollin
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