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How To - Tre K Amazonas foot peg upgrade

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This is a 2022 version of the previous article Replacement wider foot pegs for the trek Amazonas on replacing the foot pegs on the Tre K Amazonas. This in reality would most likely work for all the TreK bikes as it looks like they all use the same pegs.

As per the original article I tried to source some Puig peg adaptors for the 08-10 R6 but couldn't, so ordered some for the next generation R6, well that was a mistake as they were completely different, luckily I was able to return them and only lost on the shipping costs. I then has the problem of how to find the right spec pegs when Puig don't advertise any of the adaptor dimensions. I did contemplate going to a bike meet and measuring everyones pegs, but luckily I also had another idea, closer to home. My dad has a 2015 MV Tourismo Veloce and I thought "it's another small batch italian firm, maybe they use them same size pegs". So I went and popped one of his pegs off and, almost like magic, they were close enough! Same size pin and only 2mm wider!

I went on the Puig website to check they make adaptors for that bike - they do, phew! Had a look at the pics and joyously the main body of the adaptor looked correct and they had just machined some extra on each side to make up the difference. "Well that can be filed off" I thought.

So I ordered a pair, waited a few weeks. They arrived and measured up well.

Then the modification process began in earnest.

Step one take photos of parts in their original state:

Original peg in place
Bicycle Bicycle frame Crankset Bicycle fork Bicycle tire

Puig foot peg adaptor, all new clean and shiney:
Wood Automotive tire Gas Household hardware Auto part

Gas Wood Tool Auto part Engineering


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Next step: Take off the old pegs, being careful not to lose any of the parts, everything except the peg itself will go back on the bike.

Motor vehicle Bicycle fork Bicycle chain Bicycle part Automotive tire

Bicycle part Auto part Asphalt Font Metal
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Sit back and compare the new parts with the old parts

Font Auto part Fashion accessory Rectangle Electric blue

Bicycle part Gas Tool Auto part Metal

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Tire Automotive wheel system
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Time to make some modifications.

I tried 2 different methods, dremel power and hand power. I found hand power to actually be eaiser and obviously more accurate. The first adaptor was filed down to fit the width before I started to file down the round edges to set the maximum angle.

Once it fitted in, I then took the filing off some of the round edging so it would fit in the and the pin would go through, then finally started to file off the lower stop point until it sat at the right angle <- this bit was real test of patience and taking off small bits at a time so you don't over do it.

Road surface Sleeve Asphalt Grey Automotive tire

Automotive tire Crankset Bicycle tire Bicycle chain Bicycle fork

Tire Wheel Bicycle part Rim Automotive tire

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Gas Auto part

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle brake Bicycle chain Crankset
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Next up was to get the spring back in, this required a 2mm hole to be drilled in the adaptor body, this was eye'd up with the spring, then the fiddly bit of refitting the adpator with the pin, spring and circlip.

Finger Rim Automotive tire Thumb Nail

Household hardware Gas Wood Auto part Engineering
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Penultimate step: fit the pegs to the adpators and admire your work!

Automotive tire Bicycle part Wood Gas Automotive wheel system
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Final step, go for a test ride... well it's raining, a lot, at the moment so this might have to wait a day or 2. Maybe I'll have a beer instead 🍻
Here is a link to all the original images, if you are interested: Foot peg upgrade album
I thought there were strength issues with the original pegs snapping off? Could be wrong though. But I always thought they looked a little weak! Nice job though they do look tidy.
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