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Hey all....
Having bought my bike recently, I have fully gone over it and adjusted the suspension to the settings in prior posts (virtually full preload and compression on the front, light rebound, and factory rear). Also put in new fork oil.

Hmm... now something is very wrong... The bike handles well at slow pace, but when pushed harder seems crap. Its so soft (and I am only 60 kg) that I didnt feel one bump on a 3 day, 2000km trip.
Both front and rear are close on bottoming out on some bumps. Mainly the problem is the front, but back is very soft too:
- Approaching 200 km/h in a straight line, front goes very wishy washy with that slight sway to it
- over about 140 km/h in a bend, one bump does the same thing
- In a tight twisty, the same thing also when hitting a bump. Its great on a smooth twisty (if not under brakes), but hit a bump and the front sort of ducks and twists. Especially whe under brakes in to a corner with any bumps a all.. not good news.

Any clues?? I was expecting this bike to be rock solid, in the realm of a Duke or MV. Anyone else had this? Is something grossly wrong?

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Hmmm.... I have found that the rear spring pre-load was actually waaaay too soft. I wonder if this could have cause the front end to unload at times?
Will see now that I have rectified this.

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Re:Suspension Therapy

Thanks for getting it right. For some reason I'm having a hard time posting links here. I'll figure it out one day.

That guide is everything and anything you would ever need for suspension set-up and troubleshooting. I printed it to make a 24 page booklet...very handy.:)

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