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Hey Guy's, just thought I'd tell you, tonight I am fitting a Tornado clutch into my race TnT, I'll test it this weekend to see how it goes.

The only parts I've needed so far are...

Clutch boss
boss centre with circlip
pressure plate lift plate
6 x lift plate push down springs

The parts list shows a different part number for the basket but it looks the same to me; so I'm testing it. The pressure plate and clutch plates are same.

I notice the standard TnT uses 5 x 1.5mm steel plates and 5 x 2.0mm steels. The standard overall clutch plate stack height is 53.00mm, I think this will give the correct amount of pressure plate lift on over-run.

Stay tuned :D

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Well I ran it on the weekend, it worked ok..... I think I'll leave it in :D That now means our demo Tornado will now have a TnT non slipper clutch..... be vewy, vewy quiet ;)

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Re: tested

Hi Johnny,
I've seem mention of slipper and non-slipper clutches on various forums. Can you tell me what the actual difference is and what it does to the ride ?


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slipper clutch

Basically, the clutch slips during deceleration (when the rear wheel drives the clutch instead of the crankshaft), minimizing the rear wheel breaking traction when changing down at high rpm.

The stock TnT does not benefit from being revved high, so there is minimal benefit from having a slipper clutch for road situations,
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