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Hi guys,

I was chatting to a fellow owner of the Benelli marque recently, when he mentioned that he had heard a rumour of some work being carried out free of charge to TNT's in Germany. Therefore after a little research and straining of my grey matter in translating the page from the German Benelli website, I have the following to report....

Dear friends,

By now you should all be aware that there have been some fundamental changes with Benelli in Italy in 2006.

After spring 2006 a completely new production line was installed, we also substantially invested in the improvement of the existing product range. With the experiences of previous years, new management and quality control was introduced to the production line.

Our attention is not however only on these new products, we would like owners of older vehicles to also be satisfied. We are therefore offering TNT owners of models produced in 2004 and 2005 to be ‘re-equipped’ to current model standards.

This upgrade is naturally free for you!

Here the most important details:

How long does the reequipping action run?
• Beginning: IMMEDIATELY
• End: 31.04.2007 Note, this date has now passed, however it may be a bargaining chip for you if you need any work carried out!

Which vehicles qualify?

• In principle all vehicles qualify, EVEN IF THE WARRANTY HAS ALREADY EXPIRED.
• TNT 1130 + TNT 1130 sport of the years of construction 2004 and 2005
o In the chassis number. is with these vehicles a ´4´ or a ´5´ before ´P´ (ZBNTN00005P 000001) registered.

Which parts affected and require upgrades and/or examination?
• Clutch basket
• Generator jerk absorber (Possibly shock absorber) rubber
• Optionally:
o Exchange of the chain guard (only black ones become supplied) – think this means they will be replaced with black ones, or only black ones need replacing
o Exchange of the driver's seat (one supplies black with silver ´Triangle´)

I hope this is of some help to you all. Note that the end date for these mods was aparantly 31 April 2007 ( I never knew we had 31 days in April this Year!) However, if this has been kept quiet from fellow TNT owners, it makes me question what else has been kept from us, whether we be Tornado, TNT or scooter owners!

Please give this the widest possible audience - UP THE REVOLUTION!

Oh, the original site link is here, the link is the one titled 'UMRÜSTAKTION'; fourth down on the right side of the home page!


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TNT Free Upgrades

Very interesting,The first thing i would say is why no mention of the starter motor upgrade and the external fans.
I hope the TNTs dont suffer from the same clutch problems as the Tre.I dont remember seeing anything.
The chaingaurd i can understand but what is it with the seat i wonder?.
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