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Just a quick "Good Luck" to my fellow footie fans North of our Border, it would do great justice if Scotland:bow: did the Argies & their Numbty new manager (He who won't be named !:D ) over !

And of course to all the other teams taking part in "friendlies" today ! :doh:

Especially ENGLAND:bow: V Germany:eek: !

(p.s. Yes I am a sore loser !:rolling: )

(No Malice or intention to upset anyone was meant in writing this thread, please also be warned there may be flashing lights and nudity if you ever pass through a Gentlemans club local to you, also no animals were harmed, except the snail I accidently stepped on whilst half asleep this morning, Yuk ! :D )


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1 - 1 of 1 Posts