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I have an 05 TNT (with the power button)

I have 4000 kilometers on the clock. Did the 6000 kilometer service at 3500 kilometers because I am paranoid and would rather catch a fault early.

But hey, haven't had a problem at all... and I have really pushed the bike reasonably hard (although don't find the need to rev above 7000 rpm much at all) But have not ridden in teperatures above 26 celcius?

Put Pirelli diablo Corsas on it , and it sticks to the road like "@#%$ on a blanket" and goes round corners very very well.

So far I am having a heap of fun on this bike and so far I have no regrets

Is it too early for the TNT to sart becoming reliable?

Anyone out there in "TNT ownerland" get this far with no problems?


can I expect some @#%$ with theTNT soon?

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TnT prob's

it seems some do and some dont, we keep hearing rumours of a general recall happening early 06, for reset instruments and starting prob's, also i see the 06 TnTs have the thermo fans repositioned, see the raptors and rockets web site and some links i posted in the announcements section, you can see the different fans and shrouds, these we be retro fitable to the 04,05 models, although i dont know if these will be fitted free of charge or a purchasable option. the throttle rod actuator seems a prob, i dont believe its a battery issue as the battery is the one quoted for the R1 too, although this is a decent Yuasa, the one in the RS i got was some no one chinese thing that lasted one week>: .
the leads are to thin

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Re: TnT prob's

aussievtr I thought the thermo fans were fitted as an addition to the existing fans Are you saying they replace them? Could make a difference on how we approach warranty obligations.

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As I wrote elsewhere, no information is available at the dealer's end in Italy either.
My guess is that considering the number of bikes that have been put on the market and that Benelli want to position themselves at the quality end of the market they'll owe it to the existing customers to do the recalls all free of charge. That would be the number 1 move to recuperate some of the lost goodwill.
I also think the thermo fans are additional to the existing fans.

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