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Isle of Man '06

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Hey All,
Just got back sunday morning from Isle of Man. Anyone who hasn't experienced has got to at some point give it a go. Next year is 100 years so it should me mad! :D

Anyways I managed to get the bike done just in time, literally hours before we had to leave I was stripping the fairings getting it to tickover right. :evil

Once we got there weather was in its mid to high 20's C all week. I had enough probs with the bike. The damn gromits that seal the plugs kept weeping. It took 3 attempts and 5 strips of the bike right down to figure it though :rolleyes Still we fixed that but literally the same day the friggin gear shift return spring went. I wasnt gonna let this spoil the fun so down the post office to get some quick shifter (elastic bands) which I attached to the gear lever and wa la after a few attempts we got it almost perfect. Just to finish it off the disc went all naff on me again. I think its a high spot maybe bad build quality so Im gonna get myself some of them yummy wavy's front and rear.

Got a quick vid I stuck on google of me on my mates std '05 R1 he's on my Tre.

Got a another of me on the tre going round there which I'll put on when I can be ar*ed

Laters people
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Very nice video there deano;) Love the sound of that triple above the noise of that Japanese screamer:p I thought I heard the faint sound of a knee slider nearer the end and at one point in the video (4:11) when you overtook that car I thought that the sign on the right hand side was another car coming straight towards you:eek I had little rabbit poo's in my pants watching that:lol
Great video buddy


Better go and tip the contents of my kacks down the loo;)

Nice one mate.. I rode the lap a few times and thought I was doing ok until I saw that....

Ever considered racing :rollin
Re: Yikes

Hey Big Al, yeah i touched the slider a few times - more so on the tre cos its my bike and I felt more comfortable pushin her a bit more. Would love to get into road racing. I did moto-x for about 6 years and did pretty good out of it. Hey ya never know maybe one day...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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