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Does no-one want any of these?

As promised here are pictures of the Exhaust Hangers, Preload Adjusters and Crash Bobbins. Also pics of the hanger fitted to my bike. The hangers come complete with 3 aluminium Allen bolts .The quality is good and the prices are reasonable too. The only thing I can say is that you will need to file the end of the bolt thatholds the exhaust on as it is slightly proud of the mount (see pic) or alternatively you could add a washer to take up the excess.

The prices are:-

Crash bobbins Front £45.00, Rear £40.00. Complete set £80.00.
Preload Adjusters £17.50 per pair. (Any colour)
Exhaust Hangers £40.00

The hangers can be anodised black for all you RS owners at £5.00 extra and all the above prices will need to add postage.

The guy will make "on demand" only as I was unsure of the response I would get, so please let me know. If none of you want any of these I will be quiet and crawl back into my hole.:lol :lol :lol

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I was meant to order the exhaust hanger from yourself Lloyd, but in the last couple of weeks I've been chockers with work and a family tragedy has kept me pretty quiet on these forums for a tad.
However, I'll take a hanger off of you buddy if that's okay;)
Drop me an email and we can sort out how to arrange for the spondoolies to get to you. Bank xfer would suit me fine if that's okay with you.
(Don't let the girlfriend know as she thinks I'm wasting my money on this bike of mine ..... something tells me I am:( )

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