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Since I've been here.. got back from the Nurburgring and life went a bit (a lot!) pear-shaped... (My bike is tied up in a relationship ending settlement and so on.. ) so not had a chance to ride it for ages..been scooting about on the Raptor and a YZF750!

How is everyone?

Whats new?

and.. can someone please tell me what the little switch is on the L/H handlebar, facing away and forwards just under where the clutch lever would pull back too..?
Cos I had a chance to sit on it the other day (lucky me) and kinda found this by accident..

Regards to all....

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It's a button which randomly and erractically changes the LCD screen from one range of selected and assorted digits and letters to another randomly selected range, including but not limited to certain possibly relevant snapshots of information that you may, or may not be interested in knowing.

In other words, it's useless and don't bother !:D

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Nice to see you back Bolero

I hope that you manage to get what you want out of the whole relationship thing and that things go as smoothly as they can for you;)
At least you've had a bike to ride whilst you've not had the 'nelli' unlike some of us here who haven't had anything:lol
I just got mine back today so I am a very happy man indeed:p

It's been fairly quite on the forums but have a wee read through the posts and you'll get a general feel as to whats been happening. I'll bet you that there's a few usernames that you don't recognise, but don't worry, they're harmless:)

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