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I, and I am sure most people in the UK, am experiencing the phenomena which should be known as Envisimousaustraliantia or more commonly known as Aussie Envy. You guys are down there biking it up on your Tornados while we in the UK lament about the wather and tell grandious stories about our 130 mph knee down roundabouts (BS by the way). about an invite and a place to stay!!! Good to know at least my Tornado brethren are enjoying their peds. Give us a good riding stoy chaps!!!!


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Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! :D

Weather here is wonderful, went for a ride last Sunday to a place called Wiseman's Ferry, nice twisty hills and down to the river and the pub for lunch and back again.

On the other hand they are predicting 40+ degrees on X'mas eve (Saturday) and that is going to need a lot of cold beers in the system.

Merry X'mas to all from sunny Sydney Australia Oi!


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Jealous ... maybe, but I haven't been to Wales (yet)

Best road I have ever been on is the Oxley highway - on the Pt Macquarie side. Have a look at the last 4 pictures here
Not mine, but you get the idea. The road is smooth as a race track, and tight. It's about 45km long.

But if you want heaps of corners, you can't go past the Bonang Highway, between Bombala and Orbost. You've got to endure 12km of crap gravel, log trucks and the odd skippy, but ... At the NSW border there is a sign that indicates corners ahead. Under that sign, there is another one that says there are 100km of them. If that's not enough, 10 k's down the road the sign is repeated! It is 18km from the border to Bonang. I counted the corners once - I think it came to 125. Ever tried counting corners while you're at speed? Just a tad distracting.
Any way, it starts getting really tight after Bonang, so there's gotta be between 600 & 800 of them. It opens up to high speed sweepers about 20 k's from Orbost.
So many roads, so little time.

(Damn, now I've gone and told the whole world about it. So far I've just about had it to myself)

Get down to Canberra for the ride to the Supers in April, or the MGP in Sept. We usually take a couple of days to get to PI. The bench racing in the evenings is great too! I'm sure we can find a place for you to stay before and after.

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Re: Jealous ... maybe, but I haven't been to Wales (yet)

Oi! Hehehe...
If it were not for the 'roos' we'd all be tearing to get down under for a spirited run on our bikes! In Texas all we have to worry about are cattle guards and wayward grandma's in large pickups. :rollin
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