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Well here in the good old UK we have now got a position of "leader of the house of commons" on offer. starting Salary £65k with numerous extra's for being "leader" !!!!

these include fabulous expenses which allow you to claim for pretty much anything, here's past examples.

Claim for a second home mortgage on a house you haven't really got ! How friggin' good is that ! :rolleyes:
If your swimming pool or tennis court need repairs...... No problem !
Not happy with the decoration in your house, no worries, just get it done and bang an expenses claim in ! Believe me, it'll get paid ! and while your at it buy some plants too !
Nappies for the baby of the family, easy peasy !
Do you need Sky TV ! Just claim it !

Now the best, if your MP wife is working away at her "second home" albeit her sisters, then book a porn film or two to help get over the lack of sex activity ! It'll get paid ! :clap:

Oh the life of some MP's is so hard, but with these expenses it makes life a little easier !

So put your application in now for a life on easy street ! ;)


Seriously though guys, we must be the laughing stock of the modern World ! Life is British Politics stinks ! I know it's not all MP's but lets face it, pretty much most of them have ridden the gravy train !

I wonder how far this news has stretched across the globe ! :bawl:


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trouble is it'll all be forgotten about in the next few weeks when the public get bored with it/next scandal comes along.

The only way it can be changed is have an election now,let the voting public decide.

I always new most of em were crooks,and i've been proved right,how can you 'forget' you payed you're mortgage off:mad:

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I think the worst is that these guys do that and get a report published to show what they are doing :doh: . If you want to screw a system, do it properly :ele:

In France, we get the mortgages, swimming pool, etc.. paid by the private company that got public contracts, or we declare unexisting workers et get their pay-check, who will notice??

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I was just astounded by the cheek of the MP who had his moat cleared.


oh, can any shipbuilder from the clyde apply to be leader of the commons or was that just a 'one off'
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