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To our Dear Mr Roland Lee, he who has no Benelli but created this forum. Thanks so bloody much Rolly :bow: . Mate if its wasnt for you benelli probably wouldnt folded ,along with my sanity ;) . So Hip Hip Hooray for Rolly.
:bow: :bow: bow: :ele: :D :clap: :clap:
I suggest we ALL bounce Rolly $5.00 (or USA equivalent) to help him with the running of our mightly forum :clap:
So Rolly, have you a paypal account, cause Mate, You deserve it .!!!
ps, get you shit together an buy one ;)

pps, whats with the shitty limit of 10 emoticons ??, give me so love Bro ;-)

ppps, token respect out to our main men Laury and Errol, keep it up.....
ppps, token viagra donation fund for the 2 old codgers mentioned about ...:)

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Hi Nathan, I've always been happy to support this Forum and I wouldn't mind paying for the privilege. :clap:

If 'Rolly' advises his Paypal details, I'll be the first to pay.

Hey, I feel a 'group hug' coming on :rolling:

..... By the way, I think he's having a go at us more 'mature' members Errol :bawl:

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Worthwhile Praise

Yeah ... there's a few whipper snappers doing that recently. Cheeky buggers.;)
Errol :bow: & Laurence :bow: ,
I'm just grateful we have such 'Senior' guys on this forum, it's been a great help, the amount of information you can find on this forum is Superb, mainly from guys like yourself, (sniff, sniff)(anyone got a hanky:rolling: ) keep it up guys !

(The good work that is, the Viagara will help with the other :rolling:)

:clap: :clap: :clap:


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1 - 4 of 4 Posts