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Hello there.
Have been watching the board for ages now and am really considering buying a new Tre next year.
Do any of you have any experience of the new importers KJM as they offer the best price and are pretty local to me.
Any advice on what to check and ask if I do take the plunge.
P.S definite decision of heart over head on this one-I have always thought that the Tre is the best looking bike EVER made......

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Welcome nieto250, if I am not mistaken there are a few older posts about KJM. But I am sure there are a few here who can shed more light about them.

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Hello All,
I'm new to this forum, but can add a bit about KJM as I live quite close, bought aTre off them in March '05 and my mate bought another a few months later having seen mine:p
As seems usual we've had a few problems with the bikes but nothing too serious - paint that won't stick, gremlins in the clocks, flat battery and a failed core plug between us, but for each of these problems KJM have responded very positively, picked the bikes up if necessary and had us back on the road pdq (my mate lives 100 miles away!).
The only problem I have found is that workshop availability is a bit tight so for services etc -book early!
Overall I'm very happy with their service and would recommend them.

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I'll second that.

I bought my TRE from them in October 2004 before they became the official importer and I've been really impressed with them. They have dealt with a couple of warranty items very quickly and efficiently

In fact, I've just bought a second Benelli from their sister company (the Motorcycle Centre in Orrell) who are also very good to deal with and are also Benelli dealers.

Looks like you are spoilt for choice!!!!

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It's a 6 Cylinder!!!

Hi Toby,

I got myself a 900 SEI. It's around 20 years old but it's done less than 500 miles, so as you would expect, it's like brand new.

I saw it on their web site a few weeks ago and swithered for a while and then thought 'what the hell'
It looks real good sitting next to the TRE in the garage I'll probably keep it for short Sunday runs during the summer!!!!

Just got it delivered last Tuesday so I haven't had a chance to take any pics yet so here's a couple of others that I found.


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Re: It's a 6 Cylinder!!!


That's real classy! Congratulations!! Please post some more photos of your bikes...


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although a 750 SEI with the classic looks and 6 exhaust pipes would be nice!!!

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Thank you for the welcome and the good vibes about KJM. Going to go for it in the Spring and get a new TRE!
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