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I have an opportunity to buy a used Benelli RS,

Is there anything I should be aware of prior to buying one of these Beauties?

I have read a couple of the posts on this forum and it would seem that the Tre 900's from 03 and 04 have some major issues.

Can anyone confirm whether the RS also is plagued by the same issues as the Tre?

Thank you

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Mate, I have had a Tre for nearly 2 years now, done 22,000kms on it, and had no issues that have kept me off the road. Providing all of the recalls & updates are done, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the standard Tre or the RS. If they're not, I wouldn't part with my cash until they are.

The only issue, is parts supply. Benelli doesn't appear to have that one solved yet, so no matter which model you buy, you're stuck with this one until they get their act together.

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Ive had my RS for nearly 6 months now. All the probs I've a couple of minor have been sorted out under warranty.

Paint peeling from panels - although I'm led to believe that this was the 1st time they'd seen it on any RS red panels

Piant on screen coming off

Ind Switchgear changed (as a precaution) nowt gone wrong with it

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