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Hey people just wondering if anyone else has a tre and has fitted a race can or performance filter etc? I just fitted a benelli sport (Arrow) titanium race can and have found with the current mapping 6033 its a little err thirsty as well as beng a bit 'fluffy' around 3k to 6k. I've been told of a 6034 map but just wanted to know if anyone else had done this or maybe tried something else??

Cheers people!!


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Benelli Can

Hi, its a geniune benelli sport model with a road cap thats removable. Sounds fantastic and I got it from some bloke called Rob 01342 836208. He's about after 6 til around 10. It cost me £250 and was well spent. The weight difference alone and it gives a nice growl to the bike


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Other cans...

I also found out that Blue Flame mave titanium and carbon fiber cans for the Tornado, RS , and LE. Check them out at the London show!!!

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I had a Blue Flame on my first Mille. It was a titanium twin outlet (single can). Sounded fantastic but didnt rate it for long, it blew out most of the packing within a few months and started cracking on the rivets at the top of the can - although this could partly have been down to the twin engine and me bouncin it off the limiter when i was being a tw*t (burnouts etc). Also had a leo Vinci on my R6. Found mine real quiet down low and a sweet if again a little quiet once you got it revving. Was a bitch to fit the springs were too long but the can itself was made great. Found this arrow similar, its built real well but I ended up using the std spring as the arrow spring its a fraction too long.

Chow for now ;)

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Yep I had the same with the springs for the Arrow Ti can, also it is thirsty, lucky to get 150Km prior to reserve.

I have the 6033, not sure about the 6034.


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THX Dean.

As soon as I get the TuneBoy software and cable for tre,
I will go to dyno and try to improve the fuel map with std can.
I think, the 6033 fuel map is not "perfect".
With TuneBoy, you can also change ignition map, anyone has done it?

This dyno run is from Leo Vince web site. (RS)
You can see the dip in torque curve.

edit: dont kow what map they had used.

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with my stock Rs on the Vee Two Engineering dyno, dont know what brand, i got 111hp rwhp that is, a fettled Ducati 996 sps got one hp more, they load up the roller more in West Oz than in the eastern states, where a RS puts out about 120 to 125, its all relative, a dyno's just a comparision tool, i would expect with the ti can and dialled cams and modified map via a power commander about 120hp, that looks like a crank figure, which the Rs is supposed to put out (144hp), its good how with a tuneboy you can play with ignition, pity the pc usb doesnt allow it. can arrivies early next week, we'll see how it goes when the pc is available and I have all of the above done.

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Re: interesting

I was kinda guessing that mine made around 111rwhp. Running a 6033 map as well - went out for a long blast today (man 207rr's dont grip in british winter weather!!). Put about 12lt's in the bike and got around 75 miles and I was @#%$ footin alot....down the lanes it would spin up just from the throttle in 2nd at almost any revs!! This tune boy thing you keep goin on about sounds real good its just a shame its not known back here. Still I reckon a 6034 map and a PS3 with some good setting up should see some good gains throughout as well as fuel economy that doesn't currently match my 4.3lt V6 Chevy lol :rollin

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Ooops! sorry I checked again..

I have the 6034 map

Tuneboy is not widely available but my understanding is that it allows you to directly redfine the sagem ecu's parameters and even up the rev limiter. The downside is that there are not many tuners out there who use it so you really need to know what your are doing.

PC111 is more widely used and has a good distribution/tuning network over here.


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Re: Rad bleeding & temp. gauge

Complete different change of subject but can you tell me what page on the forum it saids about gettin the air out of the water system (rad/expansion etc) I think mines got air in it. I know your meant to leave it from left to right but how far and do you have the cap on or off? Also does the engine need to be warm or cold ie straight after a ride or first thing in the morning? Any help would help. Not sure if this is common but my temperature gauge has a mind of its own. Sometimes reads normal then all of a sudden goes sky high - actually above the max red line. If i switch it off the gauge only goes halway back down then when I switch it back on (ignition) it sorts itself out a bit, I have to do this on the ignition about four times before it resets itself back to normal?? Weird or a common thing?

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I went with the bleed John O recommended, The bike was cold, i leaned it about 45 degrees to the left, repeated the other side, took the cap off, should have 1.4 embossed on it, not the earlier 1.2 caps that leaked when hot, and got in another 150mls, never had a problem since, and Ive had it pegged at the absolute max mark waaaaaaay into the red for over 10 minutes :rollin (on a charity run) only lost sweet bugger all once the bike had cooled down and i checked it the following morning, might pay to check the temp connection for the water temp sensor, although i dont know where its situated on the bike, Toby 's support page has the manual

Is your a RS or strada, 6034 is lastest tre map, I'll eventually upload the race can map for the RS once the pc comes out.
According to John O for the Rs with Ti can the map is
"The map to use with the muffler on an RS is the 6105, the 6034 is for the base model with a can."
I currently have the stock, and lastest map for the standard RS map which is the 6103.

Plenty of people in the UK should have experience with the TuneBoy software, its only works on Sagem ecu equipped bikes . Such As
Aprilia Futura
Early Mille's
Earlier triumphs
ie 955cc Daytona's
600cc Daytonas
Speed triples, St's etc
Should be plenty of UK tuners who have used the tuneboy on the 955 Daytonas, I know plenty of triumph forum totally rave on about Waynes product, also big on canada and USA too
maybe contact Wayne and see if he can recommend a tuner in the UK for you, after all, they are both big bore triples.

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Re: weird

Just ordered Leovince all titanium race can <img border=0 src="" />

Anyway, I will first dyno run with the std Arrows can using 6033 as base map.
Hope to get race can at februari, then new dyno run with it.

Remapping ECU is not HOW, it is WHAT, and there the tuner can help, even he does not know anything about TuneBoy software.

I think that TuneBoy has many advantages over PC.
Ex. diagnostic, error codes, ignition, rev limit etc.

4 - 5 months still to go to the summer here in Finland <img border=0 src="" />

W: Pekka

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Yo Pekka,

if you use a dynojet dyno with the dyno link software ,which interfaces with a power commander it will work with the tuneboy, ie , the dyno will suggest a ideal map to load into a power commander or the tuneboy software. apparently if makes things a lot easier, speaking to some people over here its the ram air effect that really requires the "seat of the pants " ride that decide's on a final setting . Once again no-one in West Oz has the tuning link software. friggin hippies :rollin

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Re: Yo Pekka,

Got TuneBoy last week.
In the CD was modified 6033 map. I ask from Wayne
What kind of map it is?

Wayne answer:

This tune was developed by a guy in Germany for the German importer.
They used a very expensive data logger (50,000 euro), the cylinder head had extra holes bored next to the spark plugs and cylinder pressure sensors where fitted in these holes.
A special wheel was fitted to the crank so that the logger had 3600 increments per crank revolution.
With this fitted they adjusted the fuel and ignition map to make the best power and economy.
I will try and find the graphs that show the cylinder pressure before/after the changes.

Today, I download it to the ECU, engine still runs <img border=0 src="" />
Unfortunately, we have here in Turku (Finland) 20 cm snow, so I can’t go test ride.

Hope to get dyno time ASAP.

I also changed spark plugs (sh*t what a job) and found that engine
is running very rich.

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Just been reading what everyone has been writing. Im a little confused now on what my next move should be. This tune boy sounds great though, as the weather clears a little i think I'll justify the money and get the tre setup properly. Has anyone fitted a PC3 or tuneboy to there own bikes yet and if so what they much difference to performance, economy etc etc

Cheers peeps


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pc or tuneboy

me too dean, I prefer the tuneboy over the pc but no one in west Oz can use , or will use, a tuneboy, but in a email i got from Wayne he says he has the Rs map with can plus several others, i think i will go with the tuneboy, I'll look to send him a email today.

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tuneboy response

Sent Wayne an email with some final queries on the tuneboy and his maps for the RS, still have had no answer?. FiBlues, how long did Wayne take to get back to you?

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arh ha

got a reply today and ordering it, FIblues, what tunes did you get on your cd

Wayne has the RS 6103 base map and 6105 race can map, not sure what other RS maps he has though, or if those german ones he mentions are just for use with the tre.
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