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Hi All,

Yesterday's edition of our Australian Motorcycle News (AMCN)had an article on the Benelli TVR deal written by Alan Cathcart?

It indicated that TVR's Smo and another consortium of 3 italians from Pesaro had both written letters of intent to Benelli.

Smo looked like he may have had the deal until he wanted to take the factory to Blackpool at which stage there was a revolt at the rest of the Merloni factories (which we have heard before) but the interesting bit is that now Benelli want to impose a clause into any deal that states the factory MUST remain in Italy. Now this may not suit TVR so this saga may continue a while longer.

There also was another article about a frequent visitor to this forum "Ándrew" from Superbike Inc, poor Andrew seems to have a rough time with Italian niche bike companies, apparently he was in negotiations to acquire Mondial when they sold it to some one else from under his feet, so to speak.

He is now supposedly taken legal action re Mondial..

Just not working for him, probably he would have better luck with some of the new US manufacturers.
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