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As per title me ol' mucker, is there any news on the carbon fibre tank protectors yet mate?


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Tank protector now required urgeently

Nice sunny day on Friday

Took me bike to work

Rode 20 miles home and discovered that the plastic buckle on my Frank Thomas ruck sack had rubbed/scratched about a 2 inch circumference 'down to the bare plastic' whole in the paintwork.

Extreamly pissed off doesn't begin to describe it >:

I swear it must have been 1 coat of primer, 1 coat of paint, 1 coat of lacquer at the factory on a Friday afternoon.

I've used similiar bags on other bikes and at worst they've taken some of the shine of the lacquer after repeated use.

Anyone got the paint code for the RS red. Any idea where to get it from as well?

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Carbon Tank Protectors

Hi Guys,

I must admit, they are taking much longer than I originally thought, however, I asked the company to send what they had ready about a week ago, so the first batch should be here anytime now.:D

As soon as they arrive I'll post a list of who has requested them, so we can arrange payment and shipment.
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