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I don't mean 'all round' as in he likes his pies 'n' chips, I mean ..... well, you know what I mean:D
Not only has he fitted my new Pro Oiler to my bike, my new digital gear indicator and given my chain a right good clean but he's spotted a few things that I need to point out to KJM to get them to have a look at when I'm down getting my wheels fixed (whenever the heck that's going to be>: ). Not to mention that it was also the first time that I've ever seen 2 Tres parked side by side;)
Oh Laurence, when I was coming home the bike seemed to get worse:( The throttle response was terrible and at times the bike would just shoot off and die down again as quickly as it started. Also, coming down off of the throttle usually resulted in a mis-fire (and a bloody loud one at that too:eek ).
KJM will definately be getting a call tomorrow to get this bike sorted out as I can't see me being able to ride it in the condition that it's in for very long. I'll let you know how I get on;)

Thanks again Laurence for all of your help .... you're a star mate, I'll keep in touch and hold you to that pint one night:hat :hat


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Many thanks for your kind words

Hi Al,

I'm glad I could be of service (if you pardon the expression!!!!) far as the rough running of your bike is concened, I'm sure that it either fuel related or a duff plug!!

This happened to by bike once but it cleared itself after a few good revs............ it coughed, splutted a bit, misfired then was as good as new again :D

Let me know how it goes over the next couple of days?

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