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Hey guys...time to revisit this list and see how up to date I am. Please give a yay or nay and if you have one and I haven't included you, by all means speak up! Send your details via a pm but post your name and country in here...I'll keep the list as up to date as I can.

Factory Production Numbers
RS red: 363 pcs.
RS yellow: 45 pcs.
Tre 900 red: 409 pcs.
Tre 900 green/silver: 925 pcs.
Tre 900 black/silver: 205 pcs.
Tre 900 NERA: 1 pc.
Limited Editions: 150 pcs

001: Benelli Factory (Pesaro, Italy)
006: Litoskin (Marco Pasquali) Italy
008: Currently For Sale in Rome
010: 996Duc, Northern California, USA
014: MelYelBenel (Jonathan Brancati) unknown state, USA
020: Sold at Bonhams auction on 20th October 2013 - Now for sale at The Bike Specialists (
024: feuer (unknown) Ohio, USA
030: Aquilla (Chris) Austria
032: ABN2nds, Indianapolis Indiana
037: Tornadoman (Steve Buckland) Ireland
038: Brown147 (Paul Brown), London, England
049: Lucian, Berkshire, England, as of May 2021 (formerly owned by Laurence White, Scotland)
050: For Sale in Italy as at 05/09/2017
057: Luke Dimmock,
061: For sale in Motostrada England as at 20/01/2015
062: Alex (Alex) Moscow, Russia (
066: Lupus (Craig) Suffolk, England
070: For Sale (Robinsons) Rochdale, England
074: For Sale (ebay) France, current whereabouts unknown
079: BobW (Bob) Town, England
081: Haydn, Chichester. England (formerly owned by Laurence White, Scotland)
091: For sale in St Helens. England
093: LIMA10 (Gareth) Staffordshire, England
094: BobW (Bob) Town, England
098: For Sale in Italy for £28k!!!
101: daotoys1 (unknown) Colorado, USA
103: Motojoe, (Name) Long Island, New York
106: Phardie1, (Name) Nashville, TN USA
107: Strider (Chris Leach) CA, USA
110: For Sale (Fay Myers Motorcycle World) Greenwood, CO, USA
112: NM-1 (Paul) New Mexico USA
113 for sale in USA
116: Florida USA - Now with Bruce Cruise, China
118: sold on ebay in Florida on 23rd Oct 2013
120: Nelli-freak(Mike Miller) Williamsburg, VA, USA
121. tundraphile (S. Burns) Missouri, USA
125: LucianoMoto (For Sale)
128: Now sold to a new owner - (formerly owned by Borat (Colin) Solihull, England)
129: Alpinestars (name unknown) location unknown
130: Walleye (Walter's wife) Southern California, USA
131: LloydBenton (Lloyd Benton) England
132: DUre (Duncan) Aberdeen, Scotland (Now owned by L.a. Nik, Minnesota)
137: (Li-Jen Hsiao, Edgware, England)
139: Tornado996 (Roberto Belli, Peasaro, Italy)
143: England
144; Powerful Pierre (aka Pete) Nottingham UK
146: JRH (KJM, United Kingdom)
147: Benellibug (Andy Eastwood) South Devon, England
149: Benelli Museum (Club Storico, Pesaro)
150: Johnyrottin (John Harbour, Florida, USA)

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That's not much of a list, is it? 16 out of 150.... I imagine that any LE owner on this forum would register, so who has all the others? I know that one was nicked, maybe one or two written off, and a couple still not sold, but that still leaves about 130 not accounted for.

Gathering dust in museums and private collections, I guess:(


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Theres one here in San Diego area, in a collectors shed. He does not even know the number. He also has the standard tre

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