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Leoncino 125 wet running issues

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Hi guys,

Hoping someone might have some suggestions. I've had a Leoncino 125 from new since July and have been having real issues with it in the rain since January.

When riding in the rain the bike just won't hold idle. When you come to a stop it hunts for a revs and after about 30 seconds of trying it just stalls. It mostly restarts (although not always) but will just stall again at the next set of lights. Sometimes in heavy rain it stutters badly and comes close to stalling in lower gears even with throttle applied.

It's going back into the dealership for the 4th time since the issues started, 1 in January, 3 in the last 2 weeks. They have tried waterproofing the kill switch, looping out the kick stand safety sensor and have waterproofed pretty much every exposed sensor or electrical connection around the engine and under the tank bit we're getting nowhere.

I desperately don't want to have to get rid of the bike, it's my first one and I love it but I'm from Belfast so it doesn't work in the rain it just doesn't work. Can anyone think of anything else other than an electrical issue that could be causing this?

Thanks in advance
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I don't know if this will help. Back in the day there was a product called Dampstart and it was a waterproofing spray mainly for use on the High Tension side of the ignition. Usually bad running in the rain is HT related(but not always) so try waterproofing around the sparkplug and coil etc. Although I did have a cagiva that cutout when going over speed bumps that turned out to be water on the tipover switch ECU connection. Good luck
I had a Benelli Tornado that didn’t start if it was wet it turned out to be the side stand switch effecting the ignition. They are low and in the rain!
Thanks for the advice. The kick stand safety sensor was looped out as the first diagnostic step and has been left out, they are trying the HT side of the ignition today to see if that helps.
My Leoncino has started doing this! The shop have said they’ve tested everything and have no solution as not faulting for them in the shop. Did you find a fix or outcome? I’m not happy to take it back if this is a known issue with Benelli bikes.
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