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I have just bought a Leoncino Trail 500 bike.
A ride only 1000km. I am 38 years old, I have bought a several type of bikes since when I was 14 years old.
The Leoncino headlights are unusable. At night where there isn't public lighting I can't see anything. To ride is impossible more or less, and very dangerous.
The light scattering position is wrong, the power also wrong, the length of the lighted way is to short.
Could anybody find a sollutions? If it is possible to replace the full system inside the lamp body maybe it would work well.

Somebody please help, otherwise I should sell the bike.

It would be the best If the factory would find a sollution.... But maybe it is impossible to reach them...

Many thanks!

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Your low beam is a projector. Ideal for a HID. If you fit a 50W 4300K globe you'll end up with 5300 lumens, 4x that of a 50W halogen bulb. Putting a multi-LED bulb in there is pointless, as they are not a point source and can't be focused properly. A single source LED is the only way if you must use a LED, but getting the heat out is very difficult. They are bulky. Not like a HID, where the parts are distributed. The globe itself is the same size as an incandescent.
Advantage of a single source LED is that you don't need a reflector.

You can also fit a HID globe to the high beam, and you will get an improvement. You may have to adjust its position though, to get the beam shape right.

My Tornado has a similar setup - reflector high beam and projector low. I fitted HIDs to both and now the lighting is really good.
The TR650 had woeful lights. A bit like you, I had to ride behind someone just to see where I was going. Scary.
I swapped the whole headlight assembly for a unit off a Sachs Madass. They are dual projectors. Its lights are now excellent.

Don't be tempted to use a 6000K HID (or LED for that matter). They may look cool, but your eyes work best with "yellow" light at night.

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All good suggestions although first I'd suggest that you consider adjusting the angle of the headlight. As you say that "The light scattering position is wrong, the power also wrong, the length of the lighted way is too short." it may not have been adjusted to your riding position on the bike and is pointing downwards more steeply than intended, or canted one direction rather than the other (or both). Generally I've found the latest generation of Benelli LED headlights sufficient for normal use.
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