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This was sent by Andrew Wright to all the potential Benelli dealers in the US network.

From: "Super Bike Racing" <[email protected]>

To all dealers
Hello Everyone,
The Benelli saga continues. It is becoming more apparent* what the motives and* intentions*of*Andrea Merloni are.
He is not interested in resolving this dispute honorably. All he is interested in is trying to prolong the dispute so that eventually we will run out of money and fade away.

That way*it does not cost him anything other than*the minor amount of expenses that he has paid*in legal fees- Maybe by the time its all over it will have cost him one hundred thousand dollars maximum. It's chicken feed to him. The Merloni family is very wealthy. You have to ask yourselves, "How did they become so wealthy?".

I am sure that there must have been other people that have been cheated out of and lost money dealing with them. You do not become that wealthy by being clean and honorable.*

Have they treated everyone like they have treated us?

He is*adopting the same policy with Sandro.**If he does not pay Sandro, he saves about two hundred thousand. If he does not pay us he saves a couple of million. We*will*all lose. It has cost him relatively nothing to fight these disputes. He has saved himself a lot of money. What about the bad publicity he is receiving ? Yes initially it will hurt him, but in the long term it*will not. He has enough money to be able to*withstand the fallout.
What about the Tornado ? He finally realizes that the bike has many problems and that if the Tornado was imported into the U.S in January of 03 IT WOULD HAVE SERIOUSLY HURT HIM. AMERICA would NOT have accepted such an inferior product.*

Benelli has*CEASED production of the Biposto. They have 350 BIKES PRODUCED that are in the factory.**They* have to be modified and repaired before they can be sold to the importers.

Benelli*also has to implement a recall on the bikes that have been sold to the public.
Last year Benelli had planned to produce and had *the capacity to build two thousand bikes. To date they have produced one hundred and fifty LE'S*.*A lot of these bikes are still in the importers inventory and *have not been sold to the public. Approximately three hundred and fifty Biposto's have been sold to the importers world wide which*they still have in their inventory.
On top of it all massive discounts are now being offered to entice people to buy the product. Benelli*is offering substantial discounts to their *importers so they can move inventory.
Time is a great healer. People will forget about this calamity very quickly*and, of course, he is hoping that this situation will backfire on us in some way. So that the majority of the blame will eventually fall back on*us.
Then he can claim that it was us all along and his image*will be *less tarnished, that way he regains* some credibility.
Best regards,
Andrew Wright***

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The Canadian importer SIEWA signed a contract with Benelli in June of 2002.
Siewa were promised delivery of Benelli products in January 03 just like we were.
Siewa set up the Canadian distribution dealer network last year and took deposits on bikes and scooters.
Earlier this year they refunded all the deposits and lost a lot of dealers.
Their investment for setting up Benelli Canada was around $350,000.00
Are they pissed ? you bet.
Has Benelli compensated them for their losses ? what do you think ?

Do you want to know how they were appointed as an importer ?
No one from Benelli SPA went to visit them in Canada all the negotiations were done over the phone.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And no one from Siewa has ever been to Benelli.:eek
There is a lot that has happened that none of you are aware of what you are reading is FACT.

Ask yourselves, do you really think that a company that has got its act together does these kind of things ?


Andrew wright
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