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Some of you know my old man Lloyd Benton with the Tornado Tre...

He went out for a ride with a member on here (think) on sunday. While still in Eastbourne just heading home he came to a X roads and stopped at the red light. Lights went green and a car coming from the other direction shot accross in front of him, no indication or anything and wiped Lloyd clean out. The bike is written off (As it the tosser car driver), and dad in hospital with about 20 breaks in one of his legs. He was in op for around 3-4 hours. (same leg as he already has pins etc in his foot!!). Had to cut his leathers off and everything.

Also may have snapped a tendon, gash to his arm and he may have picked up a chest infrection from it as well..

He's currently in Eastbourne hospital and will be looking to be transferred, but not at the moment.

Anyone wanting to contact him please email me on

[email protected]

with your name and number and i'll speak to him to find out if its ok to pass his details onto you (got to be safe).

Do me a favour guys and girls, take it easy out there.

I'll update you as i know more.


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Sorry to hear about your dad Damian,please pass on our best wishesand hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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Oh @#%$!! Please email me details and how I may get in touch with him.

I will email you directly sot hat you can forward me his contact info directly.

Thanks for keeping us informed.


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Sh.t:eek Sorry to hear this. I hope he gets wel soon.
Wish him all the best.


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message to damian

I am very sorry to here of your dads accident, please tell him we are thinking about him. Hope he makes a speedy recovery .
If I can help please contact me, Ill send you an email

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So sorry to hear of this Damien :(
Please relay my best wishes to your dad, I'm still recovering from a badly broken leg myself that happened in April, so I can certainly empathize with him. I'm just glad it wasn't worse, as it could have been, and that he's going to be okay. Get well Lloyd!


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Please wish him all the best from me - we went to Misano together back in 2004 - your dad is a great bloke.

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Would anyone like to take up a collection to send old man Lloyd some flowers or a fruit basket to cheer him up? A kind of benelliforum community gesture. BOK would you be willing? Someone with a Paypal account so those of us outside the US can contribute.

I am thinking that on our new website, I am going to make section that is kind of a community chest that will take care of our members in situations such as this.


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Lloyd has had a serious accident.

Sorry to hear of Lloyds accident.Best wishes on a speedy recovery.I hope Lloyd is back home soon.

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I hope it's not too serious ....

I'm really sorry to hear of your dad's accident Damien:( My thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery (or at least as speedy as it can be) and tell him to keep his chin up.
I think I have you dad's email addy kicking about somewhere and would love to be able to keep in touch with him through these tough times. We have a few fallen riders on here at the moment who are all in various stages of repair, it's just a bugger that another is added to the list:(
Tell Lloyd that we're all asking for him and that I'll have a large JD to toast his recovery tonight (any excuse for a bevvy me:p ).
When you're visiting him Damien, ask him about the dreaded Benelli curse .... he'll know what you're talking about:\

Roland ... I'll happily set up a paypal account so that we can send Lloyd some goodies (I'll give him my well thumbed copies of playboy for nothing:lol ).

In fact, I'll do that just now and email you when the dirty deed's been done;)


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Re: I hope it's not too serious ....

Please wish him all the best and speedy recovery from Finland.

W: Pekka

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Damien, keep us posted on dads progress........ b*s**rd car drivers with there f****ng mobiles and f****ng cd players!!!
send him my sincere wishes.
Terry (vtxbrit)

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Hi Damien,

Many thanks for letting us all know about your old man.

Pass on my best regards and please keep us informed of his progress.

I hope he has a speedy recovery.


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Re: I hope it's not too serious ....

Hi all, been to see him today. Printed off your comments and it really cheered him up. He said to say thanks.

Well, as said, he's broken the top half of his leg just below the socket (pelvice) in over 20 places. He was in op and has had the bones wired, plated and pinned. Hes due another op to finish it off but unsure when. He'll be in that hospital for at least another week, and be transferred to Maidstone hospital when he's in the recovery stage.

Bike is totalled, as is the mondeo that hit him. The driver never even said sorry, most unhappy..... >: The police have witnesses and its 100% not Lloyds fault and said the driver was "in shock.." Wow, meanwhile Lloyds on the floor in agony. I simply cannot believe some people >: We have all the insurance details though.

He's awake and talking, but is beefed up on morphine. He's self administering (1mg every 5 min max), and seems ok till that particular "shot" is wearing off. You can see he would be in an extreme amount of pain otherwise. He's already thinking of the upgraded model (1100+cc odd?), although i've reminded him he isn't going anywhere at the moment. It won't stop him though, so he'll be back....

Some images he said I could post, although as with all cameras (esp phone ones), they never show the whole picture..

Doesn't show too much..

This one shows it a little better, but not its true extent..

Slightly long post op cut...

And slightly swollen knee and thigh...


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Get those surgeons sued Damien ....

One of those idiots has left a mouse cursor and a letter 'R' in his leg:lol Bloody NHS, I tell yah, hopeless I say ... hopeless.
Come to think about it, doesn't Lloyd work for the NHS?;)

Thanks for keeping us updated Damien.

Take care bro


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Ah.....Now I understand!!!!

Please tell your Dad that this all seams a bit drastic just so that he could get an 1130 Tornado!!!! .........could he not have just traded in his old model like what most people do?;)

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Re: Ah.....Now I understand!!!!

Just what I was thinking Laurence:lol

I can hear Lloyd now ... 'Hello, is that injury lawers4u? I'd like to make a claim please'.:lol


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Oh man I am so sorry to hear of this, having had a similar (but self inflicted) injury I can appreciate the pain & discomfort, hope you are back on a bike soon..... the Tornado 1130 will have you through any intersection before they have a chance to hit you ;)

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Get well soon


Here's hoping for your speedy recovery.

May the driver get his due come uppance at some stage:evil

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Re: Get well soon

OH F**K!!!!!!!!

I feel guilty as hell!
I was out with Lloyd on Sunday and as the weather was nic e, we decided to pop out for a blast down the A24 so he could show me where Red Dog's is. After visiting the shop (closed) we decided to go to Brighton for a coffee and a look a the scenery (female variety!)

I was wondering why I had not heard from him on the forum, and was starting to get a bit concerned by Monday night when I still hadn't seen any posts from I get this news!

One thing I can say is that Llyod, although fast on the open roads, is a very safe rider, considerate too. He was always checking back to make sure i had managed to overtake cars that he had before shooting off, and one thing is for certain, in and around built up areas he was courteous to all road uers.

As for this muppet in the Mondeo, strange that we had only been talking that day about the muppet that punted me off my Triumph 4 years ago and put me in intesive care and on a ventilator for not looking through his windscreen and pulling out on me!

Please pass on my condolences to your dad, I will drop you a line via email, and if he wants any visitors, as I was out with him, I feel obliged to take a trip out and come see how he is bearing up!

F**K, F**K, F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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