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Here are a few pics from the Misano weekend. I'll try and post a few notes about the event in the next few days when I have more time.

Getting ready to GO....................

I don't know who this geezer is but he must think that I'm taking a picture of him!!!

Take your Pick

Well.......would you buy a bike from this lot?:D

Must be the new colours for 2007;)

or could they look like this?:rollin

Anyone fancy a quick trek?

Adjustable screen and GPS fitment.......How cool is that?

Fancy a hard Luggage option?

Who said you can't get an RS in the green and silver?:eek

Can I trade it in for one of those dear?

Fancy paint job

"You can have it in any colour you like sir"... right, I'll take them all then.

Very patriotic

Anyone for twin pipes?

How about one on the side then? (if you pardon the expression)

Nice wheels and a 'wavy' rear disk and what about that tail tidy and exhaust?


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Re: Nice Pics

Hi guys
excuse me but i don't know english, only the pen is on the desk and similar:lol
The patriotic bike it's mine
this picture it' s better, he is a sushi bike lovers :lol and said that TNT is a CADENAZZ (in italian chain, piece of iron)
<img border=0 src="" />

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Nice Paint Job

Hi Patriotic owner and welcome to the forum....your english looks fine to me ;)

Do you only use this only as a track bike, as I noticed that you didn't have a rear number plate or indicators etc.?

By the way, is that a chain that you have tied round that guy's leg to stop him from getting to close to your bike?:rollin


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Re: Nice Paint Job


Great picture's Laurence, wish I had been there. I note the green and silver RS, the brown exhaust can looks PANTS!:rolleyes

Is the green on the nerw TNT and Tornado meant to be that colour or is it still the same as the old TRE.

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Re: Nice Paint Job

Hi Lloyd,

The paint on both the new 1130 Tornados is 'flat' ie matt finish

I wasn't sure if I liked it when I first saw them but it's growing on me.

I noticed that quite a lot of other manufactures had bikes with matt paint finish at last years show in Milan.....must be the 'in' thing.

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Re: Nice Paint Job

No Laurence
i use it in track as in the street

some other picture here if yuo want

<a href="" target="_new">here</a>

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Re: Misano Weekend Comments

Here are a few comments regarding the Misano Weekend:-

Arrived at the circuit around 8.45am on the Saturday morning and registered at the Reception desk where you were given an event t-shirt and cap.

There were loads of people around even at that time, most seemed to have brought their own bikes with them to use on the track. The majority as you would expect were running Benelli’s although there were a number of others makes. i.e. MV Augusta, Bimota, Ducati’s, etc………… (and the usual range of Jap stuff which didn’t get a second look)

Benelli had made available 4 1130 Tornados, 4 TNTs and 4 Café Racers for use on the track but these were only made available to the Official Importers/Dealers and the Press.

However, there were also around 6/8 Tre-k’s that could be booked by anyone for a guided 30/40 min. test ride on the roads around the area.

Saturday turned out to be a bit chaotic as the Press had first call on the bikes Benelli had provided, which left most of the Importers/Dealers hanging around for hours waiting for a bike to become available. (not a lot of fun when you are prancing around in bike gear for a while in 30 degree heat!!!)

However, this did provide an ideal opportunity to admire some of the bikes that parked up around the event and to catch up with some of the English speaking Dealers and Importers who attended the weekend:-

· Russell Bennett, Bennetts Motorcycles, Barnsley Dealer
· Martin Thomas, Realworld Motorcycles, Aberdare Dealer. (p.s. hope you and the wife have managed to get over your hangovers!!!)
· Paul Nobbs, Stoney Creek Power Sports, Australian Importer (Johnny O’s boss)
· Matt from KJM

Trying to get a ride on a Tre-k was also proving difficult due to the amount of people that wanted a go. This resulted in groups of people following the girl that was organising the test rides around whenever the bikes returned from the previous ride.

I did manage to get myself on to one around mid morning and I’m glad to say it was well worth the effort. What a nice bike the Tre-k is!!! It feels a bit like a TNT but the gearing has been altered to provide even more torque in the lower gears. The riding position is more upright that the TNT, which seems to suit the bike and I guess that you could ride for hours without feeling as though you are going to be crippled when you get off. The Trek’s screen is adjustable to 3 different positions, which provides loads of wind protection even for a 6’2” rider like me. All the bikes had a real neat GPS unit fitted to them and 1 even had a set of Givi hard luggage attached to it, which demonstrated it’s touring ambitions.

A variety of about 20 old Benelli bikes turned up around lunchtime, which provided a bit of nostalgia to the event and kept the cameras busy for a while.

Sunday, was a bit quieter and as a result appeared to be more organised. The programme for the day was pretty much a repeat of Saturday’s with test rides on the track again restricted to Importers/Dealers. However, I am especially grateful to the German distributor (I’m afraid I can’t remember his name) who offered me his Tornado 1130 for use on the track. Unfortunately, my Alpinestars textile suit must have caught the eye of one of the track marshals just as I was about to set off who subsequently advised that a full leather race suit is required for use the track ….so near but yet, so far!!!!!)

One of the pit garages was turned into a ‘Benelli service bay’ for the weekend and another was selling Benelli merchandise, however, as Rusty has already commented on another post, the ‘service bay’ was only used by owners if they needed a Benelli mechanic to do some work on their bike.

I never saw any of the bikes that Benelli had provided being worked on at anytime during the weekend, despite them all being thrashed continually from 9 in the morning until 8pm at night (proof indeed that the new bikes are more reliable!!!)
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