Hi Everyone,

It has been quite a while since I have been on the site. Back in 2016 we moved from Northern California to Oklahoma. There is only 1 racetrack here and I've only been once in the 6 years we have been back. I have taken up dirt riding with my kids and also gotten back into flying. So I have decided to put my Benelli up for sale. It makes me sad to see it sitting in the garage unridden. I would rather someone love it and ride it like it was meant to be ridden.

I bought this bike new in the crate in 2008. Nearly every one of its 4,358 miles have been on the track. Track Days only (I was an instructor) - no race starts on the clutch.

It has had the Z25 fix applied.

Fuel stabilizer was added and battery removed when I put her to bed. After installing a new battery she fired right up. Well, fired right up Benelli style - always was a cold-blooded B. But once you get her warmed up, she flys!!!!

I also have a bunch of spares. I am not interested in splitting the spares from the bike. I am also not interested in shipping the bike mainly due to the spares. I do not want to go through the pain of packing them for shipping. Bike is located in Tulsa, OK.

Currently listed on BaT: 2003 Benelli Tornado Tre Novecento 900LE

Here are the details:
2003 Benelli Tornado Tre 900LE #107
4,358 miles
Robby Moto rearsets (stock included)
Robby Moto quick-turn throttle (stock included)
Street stuff (mirrors, turn signals, license plate holder, etc)
Factory cover (never used)
Suitcase of spare bits to change geometry, extra sprockets, etc
Factory rear stand
Front and Rear Pitbull stands
Race Exhaust (street exhaust included)
Carbon Fiber fuel tank (2 x plastic fuel tanks included)
Air filters x 2
Oil filters x 2
Spare headlight assembly
Spare instrument cluster
Spare right upper fairing
Spare left upper fairing
Spare left lower fairing (The installed left lower has some rash from when I drug the fairing prior to getting the suspension sorted. You can see it in the pictures just ahead of the kickstand.)
Spare right lower fairing
Spare set of wheels with factory D207GP tires on them (no brake rotors)
Keys x 2
Tire warmers for Pirellis

What else....

I hated the silver fan covers in the rear so I spray-painted them black. With a bit of work they could be returned to silver.

It has the race map installed. It will run fine w/ the street can (I had to do this for Laguna Seca due to noise restrictions) but does not like to idle.

It has a super slow oil leak out of the drain plug. Like 1 drip every 3 days. I figure whoever buys it will do an oil change (that's always the first thing I do when buying a new bike) so I didn't want to waste an oil change to get that sorted.

Oh, I also have an illuminated Dealer sign (5 or 6 feet long by a couple feet high I think)that I bought in the UK and carried back with me on a trip. It is 240V and I haven't tried it since I moved from Cali but you're welcome to that as well. I think I also have a bunch of magazine articles and dealer brochures and such.

Clean California Title (in PNO status).

Otherwise, the bike was ridden. There are a few nicks and scratches plus bug splats here and there. Bike was never crashed.

More pictures to follow.