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After the initial scare that I had with the bike when I thought it had packed up on me, I thought it was time to hit some twisties to see how the Dymag rims felt in comparison to the standard rims on the Tre.

The acceleration is much more noticable, and even though I have had a larger rear sprocket fitted I can really feel the difference. It seems almost effortless to crank the throttle open and pull away from the traffic and even though it wasn't a struggle before, it just seems soooo much easier now.

Pulling on the brake lever is now a wee bit on the scary side but feels magical at the same time. A car had pulled out in front of me quite sharply yesterday and I had to apply quite a bit of pressure to the front brake rapidly. I didn't expect the rear wheel to leave the ground ... but it did (and that was with only one finger on the lever:eek ). It didn't leave the ground by much but it was just enough for me to feel the tyre make that subtle 'thud' as it hit the road after being in the air.

When this bike corners .... IT CORNERS:b
It feels so nimble and light it's spooky:rollin All I can say is that these wheels are built for twisty roads (it's just a shame that I'm not:lol ) and that I can't wait until summer comes around when I can take this Italian bitch onto a track and thrash her like she's never been thrashed before:rollin

Am I impressed enough to write a letter to the company that made these wheels to say how great I think they are?
Bloody right I am:p :D

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how much lighter are they over the standard rims ?
I'm not sure about that one Colin, I'll have to check.

I could hold up the front rim with the tip of my little finger but the rear rim being that wee bit heavier made it bend a little:rollin

The are bloody light though matey:b


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Yes i remember picking a carbon wheel up once and it seemed very light, I was just wondering how heavy the originals are ? cant you put one on your kitchen scales ??8o
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