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So,i've had a chance to have a bit of a good look at this bike now. it's had a few previous owners but has spent most of it's like being looked after at KJM.I do have the names of 3 previous owners but am unsure if it's good manners to post them here in interest of getting more history ? I spoke to a guy there yesterday called Glenn who told me that it was sold from new at KJM and had sat on the shop floor from '08 to '16 when it was sold. the fuel pump was stuck when it was first tried to be fired up so that was replaced. It's got all the upgraded parts from the factory so that should save me a bit of £. he also said that it had a speedo replacement at 1500 miles so the true milage is about seem as it's had a t least one cak handed owner as some of the mounts are broken on the tank covers and an awful job has been done trying to fix them. I can live with this for now but if anyone has any black tank covers hanging about in good nick you know who to call !! (long shot). I've also noticed that the sidestand has been jacked out at the rear mount for some reason ?? it does seem to lean over a fair bit.Normal?.
It's booked in for a servive at Bennetts soon so we will see what Russ thinks to it. I've also just scored a Quill end can so i'll have that fitted while it being serviced
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