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I just took out the new Agusta F4 1000R like this one:
for a test ride.

Although it has novel features such as paint that sticks to the fairing and a decent steering lock, I am pleased to say the TRE kicks it's ass!!!! (In my opinion.)

I thought the TRE was meant to get hot under the seat? It's never happened to me unless I get stuck in traffic sometimes, but the MV was getting very hot and sweaty just out crusing. It was a relief to get off!

I am so used to turning people's heads on the TRE, that I was most disappointed with the lack of attention the MV gets in comparison. (Must be the lack of noise?)

However, I must say the MV was very chuckable and felt smaller than the TRE. The extra horsepower was very noticeable - twist the throttle and it really flies! But not as torquey as the TRE, which I think I prefer. The brakes felt about the same as the TRE, ie superb, and it had perhaps an even faster gear change combined with and a great clutch.

Overall, I got the impression the MV would be similar to a Ferrari 360 - very quick, yet manageable, and easy to ride in comparison to the Benelli which was more like a Lambo Diablo or Gallardo - it took some getting used to but I feel it is much more raw and exciting. And better looking, if you ask me.

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Just had a look at that MV and it's absolutly stunning:eek To be honest I would have a really hard time deciding which bike I would want out of owning that or the Tre. I hate to say it but I think I would go for the MV over the Tre but a tist ride would have to be in order before I could say for definate.
I really didn't think much of the brakes on the Tre when I first owned her, I just noticed that they were a lot sharper than what I've been used to. That was until about a week ago when I had to use them in earnest. Nipping down the bypass at about 80mph I tucked down to check my right hand side mirror as I was going to switch lanes, by the time I popped my head back up the traffic in front of me had come to a complete stand still. The rear end of the Ford Focus that was in front of me seemed to come at me at a rapid rate of knots. Now I always ride with at least one finger covering the brake lever and when this all happened I never even had time to put my whole hand on the front brake. So I just squeezed as hard as I could with the one finger and a touch of back brake too. The bike stopped no problem and I got off scot free.:b So if anyone was to ask me what I thought of the brakes on the Tre then I would have to say first class.;)


(Still doesn't stop me wanting that MV though:rollin )

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damn it!
Love that bike! Almost got one, but they were asking too much for them. Crap..USD$29K out the door, before insurance. I think I'll ride by Brutale for a while until the 1130 Tornado shows up here. :)

:eek Yes I have a 910 S! (the faster black and red one). :eek

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damn it! Love that bike!
If I remember correctly Roland you loved it so much that it gave you a 'woody':rollin


btw .... nice to see you back on your forums. You've been keeping a low profile for a while buddy:|

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Re: Re:heres a couple to give you a woody!!!!!!!

I think I have just made a mess in my shorts.. and I don't mean because of the lovely bikes!!!

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