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:soapbox: Dave's Soap Box
A big thanks for the help, ideas, opinions and information from everyone on the forum. Thanks for the laughs and the stupidity. :rolling: I have had 12 months with the Tre and apart from a leaking welch plug, it hasn't missed a beat. I didn't buy my Tre new or through a dealer so any ugly issues I would have had to wear myself. It's been nothing but a fantastic bike. I will thank Johnny O for flying the flag in a pretty big storm, it really makes the difference.
It's a great bike, you wouldn't tell a mate or a stranger to buy one, you wouldn't want to be responsible for that advice.
Just wanted to say that the silver/black (and clearly the fastest colour) Tre has much more than I hoped for.:)
Tonnes of bad news about the Tre's and about Benelli posted.... sometimes there's good news!

Cheers Dave________
"He who Dies with the most Toys still Dies"
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