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Netley Marsh Eurojumble New Forest

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Went to this motorcycle jumble on Friday and found a few bits for my Benelli’s and also saw some rare Italian bikes for sale.
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There were two Laverda 250 Chotts for sale one complete and one in bits, the Italjet 50cc racer had an exquisite frame that was like a work of art!
All these bikes were for sale much less than Ebay and its worth looking round theses jumbles for Parts aswell. My friend bought branded headlight bulbs for a £1 and I bought a large cb650 sump and strainer for one of my 900 sei,s for £10. It’s also a good day out chatting to people about bikes.
It’s still on today Saturday.
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Wow always fancied a chott but were there not crank bearing issues. What sort of prices were things going for?
£3850 for the assemble one and £2350 for un assembled. My Brother had a Chott when I was 18 and he lent it to me to go to college on. My memory was that it was a [email protected]@@ard to start and was not as powerful as Laverda quoted !
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