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Those steel rings with the rubber lip(seal) are quite commonly calle dowty washers. My forks were like that with the spacers but are the basic tre k ones.
First time I see them, the other forks I did (GSXR K1, ZXR750 M1, NS400R, Laverda Formula and RG500) all use a simple copper washers...

The clutch gear will be fine just make sure all the burrs are removed.
Burrs removed, good!

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If I remember correctly, BT on PC requires a "virtual COM port" to be configured.
Likely a different setting in "virtual COM port" would solve your issue, but with a cable you will be on safe side for map updates too.
I tried to let it work with the virtual COM connection.
I'll wait for the cable....

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Last week I tried to start the bike. Fresh fuel, priming was fine....and..

Senza titolo

It started! What a nice sound. What a joy! But as you can see, it was not maintaining idle speed...(white smoke is only the cleaner I used on exhaust pipes...)

First suspect was that stepper motor is not doing his job.....
Stepper is in this condition. Needless to say that it's the first version, the white one...
I tried pushing it gently and using a bit of WD40 and carb cleaner, but piston does not move. -it should, as per Errol's video...-

Automotive tire Rim Carbon Motor vehicle Automotive design

When I turn the ignition ON , this is what happens....(nothing!)

Senza titolo

True, is not moving at all....but it makes noise so I suspected the motor was still alive. I checked the resistance between the 4 connectors and the ohms were within tolerance as per maintenance manual,

To remove the stepper motor was a P.I.A.. I did it loosing first the yellow bracket holding the throttle cables
...only doing thay I could access to the lower-hidden counter bolt I had to unscrew...

Tire Automotive tire Tread Rim Synthetic rubber

Product Font Gas Metal Auto part

The piston was completely stuck inside the cylinder.

Finger Household hardware Gas Auto part Wood

I tried to clean it and pushing it back, but no way...piston does not enter. -it's not a joke ;-) -

Bicycle handlebar Automotive tire Bicycle part Finger Wrist

So.......I tried to let it slide using another method....

Finger Gas Nail Auto part Metal

...and after few attempts, it went in.
I did not use grease, only a bit of WD40.
The big challenge was then to put it together and try the stepper motor. I screwed in the piston in the motor -about 4 turns- and I then placed the cylinder on top, reassembling the whole system....and....and...and...

Wow, what a unexpected success!!!!!

And then, with all my 20 fingers crossed, I did the final test....

Idle sspeed ok!

Ohhhhhhh sooooo happyyyyyyyyy........

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Before to reassembly the stepper motor, I also sync the throttle body. It was not that much out of sync, but now is just better....


Gas Cylinder Engineering Font Transparency

and after...

Automotive tire Gas Automotive lighting Bicycle tire Tire

Longer throttle body clamp screws mod are definetly worth it...making the job easier.

Automotive fuel system Gas Auto part Automotive exterior Metal

Installing the airbox, I had some doubs on the actual effectiveness of the drain pipe mod. There are big gaps between the airbox and the air ducts, not sealing at all any possible water ingestion over the cylinder heads. At least my bike is like this.....I don't know the others...

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Air filter is fantastic, it fits and seals perfectly!

Cosmetics Finger Tool Material property Tints and shades

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior

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Before fitting the air filter put a small smear of clear silicone around the perimeter and into the gaps. It cleans off easily on the strip down and can be repeated next time. It only needs a seal to stop ingress of fluids and lost air pressure from the ram air effect through the ducts to the air box .

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to be prepared when I'll do it.
Would you mind to publish the measurements of them?
Here they are Michael...
Initialy I thought that there was a simple o-ring placed inside but to a more accurate analysis, I'm not that sure anymore. The rubber lip is, in my opinion, too sticky to the washer to be a simple o-ring placed there. I leave to you your considerations.
Tire Jewellery Wood Automotive wheel system Circle

Body jewelry Finger Jewellery Circle Thumb

Anyway, all the measurements are on the pics.....too difficult to explain...

Silver Wood Finger Material property Font

Finger Tool Wood Font Thumb

Finger Wood Creative arts Metal Jewellery

Wood Finger Automotive tire Metal Household hardware
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looks the same on mine. I assume the material thickness is too low therefore they don't keep the original shape

Before fitting the air filter put a small smear of clear silicone around the perimeter and into the gaps. It cleans off easily on the strip down and can be repeated next time. It only needs a seal to stop ingress of fluids and lost air pressure from the ram air effect through the ducts to the air box .
DNA quality is, in my opinion, great. Mine was already lubed all around. 😅Thanks anyway!

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After a few start ups, I decided to rinse the cooling distilled water. I was too courios to see how was it after all the mess I found inside...

Liquid Fluid Drinkware Bottle Gas

Fluid Gesture Gas Tints and shades Shade

So I filled up again with water. Plan is to make few km prior to rinse again with proper radiator fluid.

Wheels alignment. This is the first bike I have whithout any register nothces on the rear swing arm to align the rear wheel. Boh....maybe I missed them?

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle tire Tread

Tire Automotive tire Hood Tread Aircraft

Oil brakes change... Colour was not that bad, but under the reservoir cap.....puah.

Oreo Textile Recipe Ingredient Hat

Prior to start reassemby the fairings, a quick lamps-horn-turn signals check was done. Guess what! Position lamp was fused.
I just imagine how much I would have been pi**ed-off if I realize to have a blown lamp with all the fairings on....
It was so tight that I had to remove the whole headlight. By the way, it's a W5W 12V lamp.

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Fluid Finger Rim

I start to see the end of my long work.
Nothing on this bike is easy, not even the simple tail fairing re-assembly. If I compare it with a Jap bike tail fairing, it's better not to!
I had to guess the the key lock position prior to mount the tail frame.
How many chanches I had that I placed the lock at the correct position on the first attempt? 0, zero, nada, nothing, null....

Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire's coming damn beautiful....

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

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Good to see someone still knows how to use a vernier scale
Certain types of plastic seem to absorb alcohols and swell.
Could this be caused by higher percentage of Ethanol/Methanol in todays fuel?
That's the first time I've seen an explanation that makes sense.
I use E10 every 2nd or 3rd tank, so it could well be the cause.

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Happy new year everyone!

Last days of the year, after checking the idle and the cooling fans -it goes from 2000rpm when cold to aboiut 1300 when warm-

Idle cold to warm & Fans test

I went for my first ride with the Tornado! Oh what a joy! I have to say I have been very careful. New tires + wet roads + unknown bike it's a tricky combination.
In total I did 40Km. I basically went to MOT it and back. I never pulled the gears for the above mentioned reasons -max 6/7000rpm- but the ride was very satisfying. Bike is smooth, engine pulls well whithout hesitation. It keeps idle as well.
Suspensions are damn hard. I setted as per standard setting, and they are very stiff. But again, it was only the first contact at super-safe speed...

Only thing I noticed is a kind of backfiring from low rpm shifting down the gear. I can't say so far if bike is lean or rich. In a few days I'll recieve the cable to connect to TuneEcu and then I'll have to find a workshop to misure the AF ratio. We will see.

After the ride, I was curious to see the coolant colour. Here the pics, Not capuccino coloures like the first time, but surprisingly close to. I also removed the bolt in front of the engine....

Wood Bottle Flooring Floor Hardwood

Tire Wheel Gesture Finger Automotive tire

Here are the deposits after few hours. Honestly, I was not expecting to find all this still inside...

Plastic wrap Ceiling Glass Transparent material Light fixture

So I decided for a third rinse with water followed by an engine start, to wash it again. This time, deposits were definetly less....

Lamp Wood Ceiling Building Room

so I finally filled up with proper radiator coolant.

Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Sports equipment Bicycle part

As promised, I cutted the fuel filter. Just to remember, bike has 17600km.

Automotive tire Household hardware Rim Automotive wheel system Nickel

I sprayed a bit of brake cleaner to see what was I can say that the job was worthed

Flooring Gas Composite material Rectangle Auto part

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I protected the belly pans with aluminium avoid paint flaking. A pilot years ago told me "If it's predictable, it's avoidable!". True!

Wood Triangle Material property Red Tints and shades

I would like to start playing with TuneEcu, or at least try to change map. ECU has the code 6103 -I assume nobody tuned it so far-, and reading Benelliforum looks like my RS is definetly working better with 6105. So I'll give it a try, checking also the settings for IACV and CO.

....and now, finally, I can say I am close to FINISH my long journey....
Actually, I can now START enjoing my bike....

Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wheel Automotive design


Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive lighting

Painting was almost perfect. I haven't done absolutely anything on the fairings. Only thing I miss now is 2 fairing screws and washers and a pax seat grommet. I lost the screws due to my fault on the first ride, I forgot to screw them tight, damn...
Annoying, but nothing compared to all the job done to bring back to proper life this jewel.
Looking forward to have some dry and warm days to ride ti...

It's really beautiful...

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Thank you to all of you. Without your support, and this whole forum, I would not have been able to made such a job.

Grazie di cuore.


Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Fuel tank


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