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Hi Guys,
Had my Tornado for 5 months now and thought I had better join in with you all.

As I am sure you will all know given the time when I purchased mine I did have a number of problems:

I can only get neutral if I select from 2nd when slowing down.
Dealer say's "they all do that sir", but also said that there is a mod for the slipper clutch which might help. Had this at first service, no change, still awaiting a fix!

Roughness between 3500 and 5000. Improved at first service buit still not 100%, ok on open road but a pain in town.

Odometer was recording a ratio of 10 to 1 so was showing over a 1000 miles for a 80 mile trip. They changed this at first service.

My final problem was the mirrors, they're great for
looking at the ground 10 feet behind. Managed to adjust them by putting rubber grommets under mounting lugs but still difficult to see with them.

On the up side the bike is very good looking and yes when into the power band sounds glorious and goes quite well.

Previous bikes include
Norton Dommi
Norton Commando (still got)
Triumph Bonnie (still Got)
Ducati 750ss (1976)
Ducati Monster
Ducati 916
Ducati 998s
Triumph Speed Triple
Triumph Daytona 955i


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Hi jonc, from one newbie to another. Had mine all of 6 days.

Still cant keep from sneaking into my garage to have a quick look!

Re the mirrors, agreed they are useless for their purpose in all but extreme tucked position. One of my dealers customers had stuck on a small circular mirror ( possibly from Hellfords? ) which although distorted, would give some rearward vision. Think I'll have a look for something similar.

Not experienced your problems, but then again it's early days, here's hoping....

There cant be too many owners in the UK, have you any idea as to the number sold to date?



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Welcome jonc,
Glad you made it here. What color is your bike? Don't forget to post some pics! If you need to have them hosted you can email them to us and we'll put it up on our server for you. Hope we hear from you regularly, we're real interested in your feedback on your ownership experiences.

Cheers and ride safe!


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Had the clutch mod done on my original Tre and (although only riden for a very short distance) saw the same as you - no difference at all.

Since then had the bike replaced and the clutch mod on the new one seems to be working, It's not 100% yet, but with a bit of tapping up and down I can get neutral at a standstill. I'm expecting it to bed in and free up with more miles.

Looks like it can be made to work, so get back to your dealer and keep the pressure on them.

Good luck

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What's new ?

I can't believe you guys are still putting up with the clutch problem. They've had nearly a year to cure it!
You are entitled to a 100% working clutch, don't be fobbed of with 'we'll fix it soon'....I can feel a 'Sales and Services of Goods Act' speach coming up. :lol

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clutch problems

NEUTRAL OR NO NEUTRAL ??????????????????????

O'k I have sat back and watched this situation with the clutch go on for some time.
Everyone was told there was a fix. So I kept my mouth shut just to see what transpires.
Until the modification that I made is fitted. Your problems will continue. The reality is that the bike does not get better the more miles it has under it. It gets worse. Most of you understand this.
I will tell all of you this one last time I CURED the problem.

Just to prove to all of you that I am right. I will donate one kit FREE to one guy in the U.K.
For those of you who Laugh and scoff at me do what you will.
Merloni told me on January 27th that it was impossible for me to fix the clutch problem.
I told him to carry on sticking his head in the sand bucket.

You see whatever some of you believe. I am good for Benelli.
I fixed the ECU problem before they did. I built 1000cc Tornado with horsepower. And fixed the clutch neutral problem.
Not bad for a guy that had his contract cancelled a year ago.

I will issue a press release next week. Apologies for the suspense.


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Fair comment!

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

Who will accept the FREE kit challenge?

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Re: I will

Sorry but I'm not UK resident...:rollin , Andrew is there a special Cheese Kit for Swizerland...:p

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clutching at straws

Errr, I was out on Sunday putting on more miles and my clutch is getting better (but I'll reserve final judgement on how much better it gets until after the first service)

I'm still interested though to see someone in the UK try out Andrew's hydraulic clutch conversion kit. Anyone near enough the end of warrantee to make major modifications ?

(Eubank - you have EZ-mail)

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Re: clutching at straws

Whats the matter with you LOT????????.
If your clutch does not work, give your dealer 28 days to fix it, if he can't then your entitled to a replacement or your money back.Failing that inform them that your will get it repaired some where else and give them the BILL. So take up the offer of the free clutch...................

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Now Tre's mail does get to the main issue here - If you are not happy with what you've got go and get your money back.

The root of the problem is that (Andrew's solution probably excepted) there is no 100% perfect solution available to the clutch problem available today. Even Andrew's solution (bearing in mind the relationship between Benelli and Superbike sales) probably invalidates the rest of the bikes warantee. And on an Italian bike I want as much warantee as possible :p

No matter how much a dealer is shouted at they can't magic up a solution from nowhere. That doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to shout (and kick and scream) at the dealers - they need to feel the pain and ensure this is passed back to the manufacturer.

If I'd wanted a perfect superbike with bleeding edge performance I'd have brought a gixxer thou. This is (probably - haven't ridden one myself) a very very good bike, but come next summer everyone will have one. I'd rather live with the Tornado's "personality" and benefit from the rest of the ownership experience (and I like S&M too :rollin , honest).

Owners are therefore left with a simple choice - live with the Tornado as it is and keep pushing for improvement or take it back, get a refund and look for something else.

...Or take up Andrew's offer.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

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Re: ahhhh

Personnaly I like to improve the things by myself and if I'll not happy with my clutch I'll do something myself...hence I can learn something about hydraulic clutch conversion...:smokin

Especially important for me because I lose the use of one of my fingers on the left hand and I haven't lot of power on this side to pull the lever...:eek:

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Re: ahhhh

Benelli should give all owners of a Tre a straight swap for a Rs because thats the bike most of us thought we were getting!!!!
How can you lose your warranty if the new clutch that you have fitted works better than the one Benelli supply, the judge would fall of his chair laughing at BENELLI...
As regards to the my Tre I have started court proceedings.....Not something i wanted to do but left with no choice.

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Free clutch?

I'm in UK and have a Tornado Tre LE and would accept the free clutch kit to check it out cos thats my biggest gripe.
I intent to use mine like every other bike i've owned but will continue to ride my blade through the winter.


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clutch probs

I am currently looking at a standard or an LE...any inputs. Clutch was the first thing I noticed. Wasn't sure what was up with not being able to get to neutral from first at a stop. All being fair, the dealer wasn't sure why it was sticky and had a go himself with no success. Didn't seem to be a problem when the bike wasn't runnning. I currently reside in the UK near Cambridge and would love to give the clutch kit a go if it is still up for grabs. Actually, will work through it with the bloke who offered it up in the first place and give loads of feedback on how it was installed. Also, not to worry about the warranty thing, I do have a tad bit of influence in that department. Now to make up my mind.......LE with the trick bits or the Tre at 2500 quid cheaper...hmmmmmm

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Re: free clutch kit

so how do i get my hands on the free clutch kit???? i hit the icon that said free kit and got the coments page

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yesterday my tre started making a rather nasty clunking noise from the engine i coaxed it home the last mile and tried to start it again losts of clunking and graunching noise from the starter i guess it would be the starter ring or the drive to the clutch i called 3 x who are picking it up on thursday to have a look at it. they were brilliant in as much as they are standing by the warranty. THATS WHY I WOULD LIKE THE FREE CLUCTH KIT HELP!!!! email me [email protected]
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