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Bollox, just wrote my first post then lost it….. second attempt…..

Firstly, thanks to this forum, I’ve taken the plunge and purchased a Green and Silver Tre (std model) from Taz @ £6,000. Love the bike, rides and sounds great, but I’m already (after just 3 weeks) seeing many of the issues described in the forum:

1.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Green paint peeling off the lower fairings, plus poor fitting of the panels. Taz have submitted a warranty claim form.
2.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The clutch seems to exhibit the typical problems, lack of neutral and a notchy lever (final 20% of release).

I’ve also have a concern over the gearbox/clutch as I felt something mechanical (clunk) when I rode it last weekend. It felt like something obstructing the transmission for a moment, or I’d ridden over a rock (I never) but then was OK for the next 60 miles or so, perhaps it was my imagination, fuelled by the comments of mechanical failures in this forum?

A few questions:

1.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Does anyone have a list of the VIN numbers of UK models affected by recalls?
2.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Anyone got any advice of suspension settings for the Std Tre (14st, A roads and odd track days).
3.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Any advice on replacement tyres, prefer grip/feel over longevity
4.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp There are some comments regarding alternative fuel maps and RS inlet cams, are these strongly recommended tweaks?
5.&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Anyone recommend a good Benelli dealer for service/setup in the Midlands (Leicester, home) area or Heathrow (work).

Thanks in advance, great forum….


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First off, welcome to the forums Chris:b You couldn't have picked a better place to come regarding your bike or any issues you may have with it;) Everyone here really seems to know their stuff (apart from me as I can't even wire a plug:eek: ) and I'm sure you'll learn loads about your new baby.

The paint peeling off is a very common problem, so you will probably find yourself with a set of new fairings that will do exactly the same. They dont have any undercoat on them so you may either have to get a set properly prepared/primed sent from the factory before you'll be happy. (I'm on my 3rd set and still waiting for a decent set to be attatched to the bike).
With regards to the VIN numbers then I would suggest talking to the guys at KJM Superbikes as the will know everything there is to know on that subject.
I would keep the boots that you have on the tre at the moment until you've got a wee bit more used to the bike and it's handling characteristics before splashing out on a new pair of rubbers. (The Dunlops arn't that bad but they're not the best .... they're just well .... okay).
The fuel mapping and inlet cams I don't know enough about but hang about and someone will answer that question for you buddy;)
With regards to a good Benelli dealer then everyone here will know what my choice would be .... KJM Superbikes in Wigan. They're a great crew who give great service with no bullshit involved:rollin

Nice to have you on board me ol' mucker:b


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For replacement tires:

Dunlop 207RR which are by default on the bike are not really what one would call "long lasting". They are pretty good. After mine got worn out i replaced them with a set of Michelin Pilot Powers. Tons of grip and they last quite long for a tire that sporty. For street and occasional track riding i highly recommend them. Bridgestone BT014 is very good also, but it will only last half as long as the Michelin, and does not really give more grip.

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My 207's lasted 7,500km, and I replaced them with Pilot Powers. These came off just last week, after doing 11,500km. (really!) The rear was only just legal, but was still working well. The front however, still had at least another 500 in it, but passed it's useby date 1,000ks ago. It was hard as .... and not averse to letting me know it had had enough.
I have just fitted Pirelli Diablo Strada's. With only 50k's on them, I can already tell that they're going to suit me just fine.

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I've heard othing but good things about the Pilot Powers 2CT:D I thinks that's what I'll be sticking on my new rims when they arrive (hopefully tomorrow:b )


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I had Diablo Corsa's on the Modded VTR, wicked tyre, really not for a lot of wet riding though.

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Re: tyres

Welcome to the Benelli community Chris.

I tried the pilot powers on my SV650... I don't know man... I'd stick with Dunlop. Like my previous experience with Mitchelin from the past the pilot powers still takes a while to warm up, the rear slides out often and the front gives under braking... I'm talking about the DOT street version, perhaps the slicks are better.

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These were the settings the 100% Bikes Suspension Set-up guy ended up with on my Tre after a days fettling at Rockingham. The "original" figures shown are as the bike came from the dealer. My weight is just a bit more than yours, the bike is fine on the road with these settings.

Sag was 37mm, now 30mm (couldn't get this any less which surprised me)
Compression was 1.5 turns out, now 0.25 turns out
Rebound was 2.5 turns out now 0.25 turns out

Sag was 18mm, now 12mm
Compression was 12 clicks out, now 9 clicks out
Rebound was 12 clicks out, now 3 clicks out

Hope this gives a starting point.

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Hi Chris

I bought my RS from Taz. Just had a call from Chez (workshop manager) as I took it back for warranty bits, 3 panels, screen, head race bearings. So far can't fault Taz for their management paint was only peeling off one lower panel (so far) but they'll replace the pair, they also noticed the head bearings, let's hope Benelli can supply me with parts that 'work' this time.

Apparently KJM have organised some guy from Benelli to come over and he's going to Taz this week. If you bought your bike from there give Chez a call.

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Re: Niggles

Apparently KJM have organised some guy from Benelli to come over
I've got a good mind to go down and speak to this bugger from Benelli and ask him why it's taken so long for them to supply KJM with an oil pump:evil


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Hi guys/girls, great forum loads of info. I looking at a TRE next week,but am a bit concerned re all the problems your having. Orrell and KJM are selling at 6K + otr for 2004 unregistered, Just a few questions. Does anyone know if the fueling problems will be modified on these bikes, and what MPG are you getting. Im running an 03 Daytona and get back about 40-45mpg. Secondly what prices are being charged for servicing? Cheers guys.

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Re: fueling

Hi 955i
You wont get that sort o fuel on a tre I reckon a realistic 30mpg. As for parts etc KJM in the UK are pretty well sorted. Servicing seems to ve varied. Some quoting the same as a jap bike for minor/major services others quoting silly money

Check some of the other previous posts as much of this has already been spoken about

Cheers Dean

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Re: Suspension

'Bath of Kylies'

.... Great feedback on the suspension settings, can you confirm that these were for the standard Tre?

Did you feel that there was a significant change once 100% had twiddled?

PS.... I like Rockinham, great track for a Supermoto, esp the 'National' layout.


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