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g'day all,
new to the forum, not to the benelli. Had my Tre since March 02. Thanks to libby, JohnO, Jav's at AMI (Oz Importer) for the after sales service-----photo's to follow

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Hi mate,

>> Had my Tre since March 02 <<

That's a neat trick, I thought the TRE was released to the world in March/April 03

Welcome anyway mate.

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Re: New

Hi Richard

Hope your a happy owner (There a bit depressed here sometimes)

Give us some pics and feedback.

Cheers from " Happy" UK owner (fingers crossed:eek: )

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Happy UK owner present

Hey Graybloke, in these times of Benelli turbulence, I'd like to send you a present, we have these new trick carbon fibre tank pads that offer greater coverage than the Benelli Sport item and are colour matched for each model. Could you email your machine colour & delivery details to me and I'll get one straight to you. Regards, Johnny O

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Re: Forgot

That's mighty generous of you Johnny. We need more blokes like you. :)
As they say here..."you're the man!"
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