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So I'm finally in possession of my LE! Unfortunately I'm off for work again so won't get to dig into it until next weekend (I'll be sure to post some pics then).

But I do have a few questions. I like to keep all my bikes on a battery tender to keep the batteries topped up. But what's the easiest way to install the battery leads? I took me 15 minutes just to find the darn battery :doh: and now the stock leads on the tender aren't long enough. Should I extend the leads down to the battery or is there somewhere else higher up I could attach them to?

Also, not sure if the international version have this but for California we have a charcoal/evap canister attached to the lower fairing. The hoses travel up into the dark abyss under the tank. Any tips on removing it? Should I just remove the canister and connect the hoses together or is it simple to remove the hoses at the source? I assume they're attached to the tank?

Bike will be used on the track so no worries about removing emissions equipment.
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