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I am thinking about buying a K6 Tornado 900.

I allready own a K6 Hayabusa and a 01 VTR Firestorm (superhawk in USA)

I want to sell the Firestorm and put the money, plus some, towards a new bike for next summer, a bike to enjoy on my own (hayabusa is for touring and riding two up with my wife) and take on track days.

I had thought I had settled on a K6 GSXR750, until I realised the K6 Tornado is now selling for 50% what they were when they came out a couple of years ago. I can get a K6 limited edition tornado for £6K, thats £1K less than the Gixxer.

At that price its a steal.

What worries me though is build quality and reliability.


Please offer me an honest opinion of what I can come to expect from my machine. I will do at least 4-5K miles in the first summer.



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please tell me where you can buy a new limited edition tornado for £6000 I will buy one to use as a coffee table !!!!

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Just look on bike trader or MCN - loads being sold for £5995.

As long as things that go wrong are easily sorted with the warranty then I can't see a problem as I have a second machine.

I have no idea what the bikes are like for servicing costs, miles at intervals etc.

What are the common niggles to get over when new?


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just noticed, their wording suggests a limited starting price at 6K but thats actualy for the standard Tre...

RS is £7299 tho.

So, still interested in a TRE...


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How long is a piece of string?

Welcome to the forums cubic (I missed your first post .... sorry:( )

You have asked an almost impossible question there matey which is why I titled my reply 'How long is a piece of string?'

I've had terrible luck with mine and others have had trouble free bikes. Why is this? We've no idea:lol

You take a gamble matey with the Nelli's and I hope that if you do then you'll be in the trouble free catagory8o

I could go on about the pros and cons of owning one but I won't because I've done it far too many times already and also I can't speak for everyone here:b

Book yourself a test ride and for gods sake don't take the busa on the track:rollin


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Re: How long is a piece of string?

Hello cubic, you can buy a tre for 5995, a RS for 6995 and a LE for 11500 from several dealers. Should you buy one ? as AL says have a test ride and read lots of this forum before you make up your mind.
I decided to get an RS, i have had some problems,there seems to be a major problem with the supplier and there attitude. I have a damper fault, i spoke to benelli and they agreed to replace immediatly, unfortunatly it seems the parts get held up at the supplier in GB. the supplier ignores most attempts to communicate with them. Basically I think the bikes are GREAT the service network in GB :lol is CRAP.....

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Shall I, Shan't I


Hi Cubic, as Al and Colin have already said, you pay's your money and take's a chance!

I bought my standard Tre new in Oct 2003 and only had a couple of minor problems in all the time I have owned it.

I was also lucky enough to be able to thrash it around the Misano circuit in Italy :D and did not see one bike break down over the weekend I was there. (There was at least 200 bikes there!)

The only reason I do not have it now is because some tw*t in a tintop wiped me out and wrote the bike off just recently!>:

Any problems the bike may have will be covered in this forum somewhere as many of it's members are very knowledgeable. Any problems it's here! As Al said, Try it first, you will either love it or hate it and I bet I know what you will feel!:D :D :D

Good luck matey!
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