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as some of you may recall, i have a coolant leak on my benelli.
Whilst waiting for the dealer to come and pick it up i checked oil level and noticed it was very low (it wasnt that low when i checked 2 weeks ago).
So i added oil, and i ended up adding 1 LITRE! (mind you, it has been 3000km since last oil change).
Also i saw some liquid under the bike (i supposed it was coolant mixed with some filth, but i was quickly to be proven wrong).

Upon closer inspection i noticed the inside of the fairing was wet.

then i looked even closer

(to give you an idea, i checked through the black holes you can see here, behind the front wheel)

and here you see it

the red circle is around an area which might appear to be shadow, but trust me, it aint, as far as i can tell, its oil!

Well i didnt bother removing the fairing as they are coming to pick it up anyway and it is still under warranty (thank god), but i wonder what they ll have to say on that.

anyone experienced this too? ;)

Thats 1 year and 17600km of Tornado riding :hat

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as you can see from the pics, its oil leaking from the engine (as far as i can tell not from the head gasket, but from "one level lower").

Anyway, i ll have more news on this by wednesday.

I m glad this is under warrantee, i dont wanna know what this would have to cost to fix this engine leak, it means dismantling the entire thing i think :eek

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Leaking gaskets

My 05 R tre has been back twice for leaking gaskets, as my garage floor was a real mess, as leaked and covered fairing and then dripped onto floor. The same thing also happened to the 04 model I nhad, so guess it is a common problem.
It has all been done by 3x M/C, who have been really good with warrantly issues and swapped the 04 model when they could fix the oil leak

part from the leaking oil - now fixed it is a great bike, just want a TNT now

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Which part is this?

I had a look at mine tonight but I'm having difficulty recognizing the bit from the photograph.

Can you maybe explain which of the three three 'holes' you took the picture through and the angle that the picture was taken at?
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