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:bawl: I've scratched me Nelli. :(

Went for a run up Kielder Forest / Scottish Borders way with friend on a Cow-a-sacky 600 and proceeded to leave him behind on the twisty roads (ho the joy). :D

I came to a t-junction and for some stupid reason thought it would be a good idea to pull off the road onto a farm track and wait for him to catch up. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. The track was gravel and rocks the size of ya fist. On stopping, put foot down which slid away from me and I had to lay the bike down. :eek: God knows why I decided to pull onto the farm track as I'm on tip-toes anyway. :confused:

Damage is limited to the GREEN right lower fairing (nasty scratches), the SILVER right upper fairing small scratches (about six, two cm long) and the right hand mirror pointy end slightly marked. No damage to exhaust, brake lever or handle bar. :clap:

The brilliant Rusty Russ :bow: is sorting the lowers out for me, but looks like I'll have to get the upper sprayed with a new decal on it as I can't find anyone who can/will touch it up, as one of the scratches marked the decal.

probs easier to get a new one, so if anyone has a 'Good as New', unmarked SILVER Tornado Tre right hand side upper fairing spare/for sale, let me know. :)
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