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Hi Everybody,
I rode my bike for the first time in 3 weeks last Sunday - a 250 kms country ride to the SE of Perth in perfect 12 -24 deg C weather. Supercilious smile & grin still on my face.

The 6033 Fuel map (courtesy of Johnny O - thank you) definitely has cured the running rich issue. Whilst not hanging around on the ride, achieved 6.7 litres/100kms.
Will be intersted to see what a city cycle produces.

With the clutch basket replaced felt a lot more confident, but notwithstanding that, have a query which I raised with Engenia & Aussie VTR about engine coarseness/vibration between 3500 & 4000rpm. It is only after the clutch & fuel re-mapping that I have really noticed an increase in the coarseness in that rev range, especially when accelerating in 2nd & 3rd.

Pardon my ignorance, but has anyone else experienced the same thing & is there a thread on the forum. I have searched & trolled the forum, but could not find much.

Cheers for now,

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Ive noticed on my RS that it feels like its running with no oil in since its 1st service.....perhaps it's just coz I'm now running it through the rev range but the vibes are really quite annoying

Ive checked oil, coolant, chain ...perhaps it's just a 'feature' ??

Anyone else add anything? If it is a 'feature' then anyone know where I can get heavier bar ends from???

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Do you still have the original chain on the bike Niquem? I think I read somewhere that these chains are well known to stretch quite a bit and can rattle off of the chain guide and/or swingarm. How does yours look mate?
Just a suggestion but it sounds like something mechanical to me:(


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Yes I have the original Vagina chain.

Doesn't look that bad at the moment....or it didn't last weekend..have a lready had to adjust it twice in 1000 miles.

Pennies are tight at the mo so the new chain will have to wait.

Just seems a bit too vibey at the mo. Going into the shop at the weekend for new warranty bits so will have a word then.

So what range can I expect out of a tank??? At the mo I'm filling up on 2 bars and getting about 70 miles!!!!
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