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Has anyone tried one of the Invisigard paint protection kits? Its some type sheet protector that you peel off and stick on the front of the bikes exposed paint parts to avoid rock chips. I found them for 85 US dollars and wanted to get some feedback before I use one.

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I have had a few positive comments from guys in the states that have used them on another bike website I go on (from my days of riding the SV1000) I saw them on eBay and was interested, unfortunately a friend couldn't get them any cheaper over there so I haven't got round to sourcing them again, but I have been reliably informed they are worth their weight in plastic!


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It's Good Stuff!!!

I fitted the Invisigard kit not long after I got my TRE in 2004 and I've been pretty impressed with it to date.

The plastic protective coating has stood up well and has kept the original paintwork looking 'like new'

It's a 9-piece kit that covers the headlight glass, the frontal areas of the upper fairing and the vulnerable areas of the tank (i.e. where your legs rub against each side and around the 'pointy' bit where a regular tank protector would go. (see

The only small criticism that I have is that it is sometimes difficult to remove the staining from splattered bugs of it.

Since I purchased it, I also found another company selling a similar 13-piece kit for the TRE. The material appeared to be slightly thicker (more protection?) and this kit also includes bits for the front mudguard and the rear tail fairing. However, it did work out to be a little more expensive.
I believe they will supply the kit on a 'self install' basis, in addition to providing a fitting service within the UK.

Here is a link to their website:-

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Ive used this on smaller bits of the bike like fork legs etc on my old SV650. It great in the winter against road salt etc so thubs up for me and its great to see that they do an application for the tre. I did find the same though, that cleaning it was bugger and also fitting is really important too. Its easy to get air bubbles or slight lifting to occur if your not careful.

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always wear protection!
i found that it was the leading scalloped edges of the lower fairing panels that need sorting because on mine the paint was peeling away.i have cut sheets of heavy duty black fablon and just covered the scalloped leading blends in well with the black on the top fairing.

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What was the Secret

well, what was the secret to getting the staining off the paint gaurd? Or, better yet keeping it stain free (besides the obvious of not riding it).

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Removing Bug Stains

The best bet is to remove them as soon as you can, before they get a chance to impregnate the plastic.

Don't get me wrong though most marks come off with a standard wash but there were some squashed bug marks that left a faint yellow stain, no matter how well you washed and rubbed them!!

I suppose there was a fair chance that they may have done the same to the paintwork if the plastic was not fitted. At guess you could easily change the Paint guard if it gets too bad.

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I used it on my RSV and it was great.

Its the first thing I've bought for my new RS

The other bonus was the ligght cover didn't 'intrude' on the beam. I had clear plastic Ventura covers on before and the distance between the light and the plastic seemed to 'dull' the beam...not so with the Invisgard.

I managed to get stubborn bug stains off with White spirit.

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I know what you're up to Laurence

You're trying to make me get my wallet out AGAIN and fork out for something else that I never thought of;)

I know that 3M done something similar but I don't know what would be better. I did see some pics and you could see where it was applied as it seemed to take the glossy look off of the paintwork.

*Makes a mental note to report Laurence if he keeps this up*:D

*Goes looking for wallet*

Oh, an easy way to get rid of the splattered bugs would be to just tootle around at no more than 20mph, then that way the bugs might just bounce off:lol

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Re: I know what you're up to Laurence

I've tried that 3M stuff and it's OK on flat surfaces but you won't find many of them on the TRE. ;)

The problem is it doesn't streeeeeeeeetch. The invisigard stuff is cut slightly smaller than the panel that it is being fitted on and you are meant to stretch it to fit.


I don't know what the stuff from Defendall is like but they are based at Ratho so you could always drop in if you are passing.

(I just can't resist giving you another reason to spend all your hard earned cash. :rollin )
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